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NetStorage (Browser-Based)

In most cases, you will no longer need to specify your fully qualified user name. A more thorough installation of Netstorage allows you to simply enter your user account, for example simply enter "RamireJ" if that is the login name you use at school. In order for this to work, you must use the correct NetStorage installation depending on your school.

Once you have gained access, you should have access to all of your network drives and directories as if you were at school. Note that your H drive shows up listed as "Home".

When using Netstorage, you need to realize that you will be transferring files between your local computer at home and your network directories at school. If you try to access a file on the network drives, you will be prompted to download it. You can then make any changes desired, then use the "File" menu to re-upload it.

You will likely find the "Folder View" button useful in helping to determine where you are at any point in time.

If, for some reason, your login does not work, follow the instructions below to enter your fully qualified username.

Access to your network-based storage locations on the district file servers. Your username is your school/district-provided email address and the password is your regular neworrk password from school.

Click this icon to access Netstorage:

Alternative access to NetStorage (use when the version above experiences problems):

NetStorage (WebDAV): In order to use NetStorage in WebDAV mode, you must configure your computer first. This is a one-time task and is relatively straightforward. Click here for details of setting up the access on Windows.

Access your Student Email Account: This access allows you to access your student-based email account from any computer with an Internet web browser. You should NOT access your student email account until your teacher or other school staff have advised you regarding appropriate and safe use. Click the link for your school below to access the login window:

Primary Schools Middle Schools High Schools
Boeckman Creek Athey Creek West Linn High
Boones Ferry Inza Wood Wilsonville High
Bolton Rosemont Ridge  
Cedaroak Park    
Trillium Creek
Willamette   Arts & Technology High School


iPrint: This utility is designed to allow users to print to network printers in the district/building from home. You will download the iPrint Client and install it first. Then, restart your computer, come back to here, then click the link to the printer you want to print to. The driver will be downloaded and installed on your local hard drive. If iPrint asks you to authenticate (login), your username is your district-provided email address and your password is your school network password.

All iPrint Printers are now available from the same server: http://iprint.wlwv.k12.or.us/ipp