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Research Tools
These databases are available to help you sift through the forest of information on the internet. Use them when you need to find credible and current information on a variety of topics. At school, you do not need usernames or passwords to use these materials. The links on the menu bar above and to the right will connect you to these sources.Get answers to all kinds of research questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Oregon librarians help via chat, email and text message.
Citing Sources
Don't forget to cite your sources. MLA and APA citation generators to help with your bibliography. This menu item also has links formatting your papers.
Library Catalog
Looking for a book? Want to put one on hold? Use this to find titles from our library or across the district.
Current Events
Live feeds for up to the minute information from newspapers, magazines and television.

A Spanish Language database.

The WLWV School District would like to thank OSLIS (Oregon School Library Information System) for providing many of these resources.