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    Hello! My name is Michael George and I teach Statistics and Computer Science at West Linn High School.  Before West Linn, I taught for seven years in Denver, CO.  Although I was not born in Oregon, growing up here starting at the age of 11 makes it feel like home.  I graduated from nearby Lakeridge High School, earned my B.A. in Mathematics from Willamette University, and received a Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics from Portland State University.  I also earned a M.A. in Education from the University of Denver.  For me, if I'm not learning, I'm dying!
    But of course, there are more ways to learn than just school.  I am learning how to be a parent with the help of my wife, Cat, and two children, Boz and Joni. I thoroughly enjoy travelling and seeing the world. I have been to 25 countries and every continent except Antarctica.  One of my favorite trips was a month long visit to Europe to see the 2006 World Cup that included a stop at the pyramids in Egypt.  I enjoy playing sports (golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, rock climbing, etc.), crafting and painting, playing music (piano/guitar/trombone), or partaking in some extreme board gaming.  
    Please following the links to the left to find more information about the courses I teach.

    If you are an AP Stats student looking for the Summer Assignment you can find it on the AP Statistics page by clicking the link to the left.