• Keeping children and adults safe in our parking lot while keeping traffic moving smoothly is a top priority. Foremost, remember to drive slowly, watch carefully, and drop off children only in designated areas. Thank you for your diligent, courteous care for all children at Boones Ferry!

    Our crossing guard has these additional reminders:

    If you are parking in a marked parking space:

    1. Park your car and walk your children to the main crosswalk in front.
    2. Wait for the guard to enter the crosswalk with flag before

    Drop off in Loop 1 (First lane) driving in single file line:

    1. Pull all the way up forward to stop, but not past the cross walk.
    2. Mark sure your children understands to walk to the main island sidewalk and follow the crosswalk guard’s directions, crossing only in the crosswalk.

     Drop off in Loop 2 (Fire lane) and Loop 3 (coming into fire lane from Wood MS):

    1. Please stay in a single car line and move forward as the line permits rather than driving around other cars in line, even if you have already dropped off your child.
    2. No children are to be dropped off after the crosswalk area.
    3. Drop off in a timely manner to keep traffic moving.
    4. Have your child exit your car on the curb side only (see map).
    5. After dropping off your child, please wait until the line starts moving to exit the parking lot.
    6. If any person is in the crosswalk, do not drive into the crosswalk area.
    7. Wait until the cross guard waves for your car to go.

      Afternoon Pick up:

    1. Park in designated parking spaces only.
    2. Parking in fire lane is permitted but not after the crosswalk area which is reserved for buses.
    3. Walk to the front of the school to greet your child.

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