Audition time!

  • OMEA All-State High School Orchestra

    All students enrolled in Chamber Orchestra must record an All-State tape, although any interested orchestra student is also encouraged to submit an audition! The audition consists of two scales, two orchestral excerpts, and one minute of a solo for your instrument. 

    The audition packet can be found here. (All string instrument auditions are in this one document -- scroll to/print the audition for your instrument!) Your tapes must be converted to .mp3 format and emailed to Mrs. Voigt by midnight on Friday, September 27. 


    Chamber Orchestra

    Congratulations to the following new members of Chamber Orchestra 2020-21! Excitement over the result you want AND disappointment over the result you don't want are both completely normal reactions. The important thing is that it is going to be a great year next year in both Chamber Orchestra AND String Orchestra! Take the next week to let it settle. Starting next Monday, June 15, I am happy to talk to any of you about your audition and your individual strengths and areas of growth as you continue forward.

Audition cartoon