• Wednesday January 4th

    All games will be played at 8pm for now.  In the main gym we will have 11th/12th and in the aux gym will be our 9th/10th.  Please see attached game schedule below to see your team assignments.  I will make any necessary changes tonight.

    Interschool Game Schedule

    Interschool Pods

    Friday Dec 16th 

    Teams Posted.  If you are red, then you have work to do to get cleared.  Physicals are a must to participate.

    I've given each team a POD number.  When you look at the schedule for Jan 4th you will see 12 vs 34 meaning POD 1 and POD 2 are playing against POD 3 and POD 4.  This will give us an opportunity to play different teams each week.  At this point there are 10 games scheduled, with the 10th being a championship where I will take total team records for Championship PODs. 


    Game Schedule


    Monday Dec 12th

    Interschool will start the week we get back from break.  I will be posting a schedule along with teams this week.  Teams and times are subject to change depending on participation from both schools.  

    Friday December 9th

    Thank you all that have signed up to play Interschool Basketball.  Many of you have asked when the first games will be played and the hope was next week.  Unfortunately, we still do not have a lot of students signed up making the team process challenging.  I will be posting as I get information.   

    Friday December 2nd

    Numbers are increasing at both schools and are about halfway there.  There needs to be a big push in signups to get the program back up and running this year.  The last day to register for Interschool will be December 7th.  

    West Linn/Wilsonville https://www.aktivate.com/

    Select Interschool Basketball


    Monday November 28th

    As of today the we are still waiting on students to clear for Interschool Basketball.  The numbers need to increase greatly for the season to happen.  I will be pushing back the start date to Dec 12th.  I will be making a decision late next week if we will have a season or not.  Please pass this information on to your peers wanting to play.  

    Thursday November 3rd, 2022

    Interschool Basketball League WL/WVHS

    We are back after a 2-year break.  If you are interested in organized pick-up games, you must register with your school's athletic department prior to the first contest.


    December 5th there will be an Open Gym for all participants.  I will be taking cleared athletes and placing them on teams for the first night of games on December 7th.   I would like to get teams squared away on the open gym night December 5th to get you on the appropriate team.  All 9th and 10th graders will play at the 8pm time slot and 11th and 12th graders the 9pm slot.  All games are to be played at Meridian Creek Middle School.  The first night will be an open gym with teams being made that night.  I will post the schedule moving forward after determining each team's size.  Thank you and look forward to seeing you all opening night. 


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there practices?  No, this is a recreational league where we provide volunteer referees to monitor fouls and keep the games going.

    How long are games?  It's a running 50min clock with rotations every 5 minutes.

    Are there uniforms?  I will be providing a mesh jersey to be worn during the contest andthen returned directly afterward.

    What happens to cancelled games due to weather?  Games will be made up depending on gym availability as we share with the youth programs.

    Are their coaches?  No coaches, just school staff officiating the game.

    Where can I find updates?  You can find any updates on this page.  I will post if games are cancelled and any updated changes to the schedule or rosters.