• Reminder 2/13/2020 (1pm)

    There are no more contests scheduled this year.  The league wrapped up the season on Monday being the last games for both levels of boys.  Thank you all for participating and we will be making a few changes for next year to teams to get a more competitive balance.  See you all next year.

    Mr. Shishido










    Tonight December 2nd will be an Open Gym for all participants.  I will be making teams tonight and those unable to attend will be placed accordingly based on team size. 


    The Intramural season is about to start.  Opening night will on December 2nd for athletes that have cleared through the Athletic Office.  I will be getting the lists directly from each schools Athletic Secretary so be sure to check with them.  I would like to get teams squared away as soon as possible so the sooner you sign-up the sooner you can be placed on a team.  I will do my best to accommodate you if you send an e-mail once cleared. All 9th and 10th graders will play at the 8pm time slot and 11th and 12th graders the 9pm slot.  All games are to be played at Meridian Creek Middle School.  The first night will be an open gym with teams being made that night.  I will post the schedule moving forward after determining each teams size.  Below is a tentative schedule of contest dates.  Thank you and look forward to seeing you all opening night. 



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there practices?  No this is a recreational league where we provide volunteerr referees to monitor fouls and keep the games going.

    Are there uniforms?  I will be providing a reversable jersey to be worn during the contest and then returned directly afterward.

    What happens to cancelled games due to weather?  Games will be made up depeneding on gym availability as we share with the youth programs.

    Are their coaches?  No coaches just school staff monitoring substitutions and flow of the game.

    Where can I find updates?  You can find any updates on this page as I will post if games are cancelled and any updated changes to schedule or rosters.