• personality
    Brain 1.0 Overview: 
    All parts of the brain are responsible for your personality makeup. We explore in Brain 1.0 how different regions of the brain work in concert with each other in order to define who we are as individuals. 

    Learning Target Breakdown:

    BRAIN 1.1: Perform several personality tests that describe a person’s personality makeup.

    BRAIN 1.2: Compare and contrast the validity of various personality tests

    BRAIN 1.3: Create models that display the regions of the brain

    BRAIN 1.4: Summarize and explain how each brain region contributes to personality and behavior

    BRAIN 1.5: Develop a research-driven brochure of a personality disorder, including information on cause, symptoms and treatments

    BRAIN 1.6: Inform the effects and treatment options for a personality disorder in a media format of your choosing

    Key vocabulary/terms you should know by the end of this learning target:
    frontal lobe occipital lobe parietal lobe temporal lobe
    personality disorder cerebrum cerebellum hemisphere


    Below are additional resources if you need more exposure to the material: