• Neural pathway
    Brain 2.0 Overview: 
    Neurochemistry investigates how chemicals can influence responses the brain can generate. Brain 2.0 focuses on neurotransmitters, how they signal responses, and a deeper understanding on how various substances can lead to addiction.

    Learning Target Breakdown:

    BRAIN 2.0: Neurotransmitter activity is affected by the presence of agonists and antagonists in the bloodstream in the form of illicit substances.

    BRAIN 2.1: Summarize how neurotransmitters operate across synapses

    BRAIN 2.2: Create models that display the regions of the brain

    BRAIN 2.3: Provide examples of different neurotransmitters and describe how each work to produce a neurological response

    BRAIN 2.4: Conduct research on the mechanisms and dangers of an illicit substance

    BRAIN 2.5: Design a public awareness message for an illicit substance.

    Key vocabulary/terms you should know by the end of this learning target:
    neurotransmitter serotonin dopamine GABA
    axon dendrite myelin sheath receptor site


    Below are additional resources if you need more exposure to the material: