• Overview: 
    Chemistry is a language. Just like learning a foreign language, reading, writing, and speaking chemistry has its own rules. This learning target focuses on developing students' familiarity with chemical nomenclature while learning atomic structure.

    Learning Target Breakdown:
    CHEM LT 1.0 Chemistry is a unique language based around the nature of the atom.
    • CHEM LT 1.1 Write chemical formulas and their names using IUPAC nomenclature rule
    • CHEM LT 1.2 Identify the number of protons, neutrons, electrons in any element
    • CHEM LT 1.3 Balance chemical equations in accordance to the Law of Conservation of Matter


    Below are additional resources if you need more exposure to the material:
     Online Periodic Table and Element Reference:
    Naming Ionic Compounds:
    Naming Ionic Compounds
    Naming Molecular Compounds:
    Naming Molecular Compounds