• 16043 - Remodel @ District Operations Center

    The remodel at the DOC consists of remodeling an existing portion of the Operations Center building and enclosing an existing vehicle garage building to support existing and expanding needs for the department. The project will also replace existing mechanical/electrical systems with new energy efficient equipment, install site security equipment, replace worn carpet and finishes, and add secure district record storage, provide larger conference room space, add needed shop space for technical support services and create five additional offices for employees currently sharing offices or in hallways.

    The District Operations Center houses all Maintenance, Grounds & Custodial Services, Nutrition Services, Community Services and Capital Bond Management Services. The facility provides management level office support space for 17 employees and central base location for 19 craftsman and technicians. The center also provides secure record storage for all district holdings, district locksmith and key shop, central mail processing unit, all HVAC technical network head-end, central security/alarm management and support shop space for mechanical/electrical/plumbing, fleet maintenance, small engine/appliance repair, carpentry/specialty projects and associated secure inventory storage.
    This project will take place in the Spring 2017.  
  • DOC Renovation Update

    Posted by Amy Berger on 10/2/2017

    This project is currently in closeout.

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  • DOC Renovation

    Posted by Amy Berger on 4/20/2017

    This project includes the relocation of the existing carpentry shop, and expansion of operations space to accommodate department needs. The contract has been executed and the work is underway.

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