• Welcome to Photography I.  You have made a great choice to learn and grow your artistic and technicals skills.

    Photography is a hugely important part of our lives, so it's great that you have an interest in learning more about it.

    Course Description

    To be successful in photography you need to master these skills by knowing how to:

    • Apply the principles of art and composition
    • Understand and apply the principles of light
    • Critique photographic images and describe what might be done to improve them
    • Use a digital camera in manual mode to control
      • Focus
      • Exposure
      • Shutter speed
    • Download and manage digital images in a network environment effectively
    • Edit photographs using Lightroom CC Classic and Photoshop CC
    • Upload and maintain a web-based photo gallery on Shutterfly
    • Develop your own style

     Art Principles, Camera and Light, Postprocessing,Presentation