• Welcome

    Welcome to AP Computer Science Principles.  This is a AP course that is designed to introduce you to the big ideas of computing and to prepare you for additional courses in Computer Science.

    This is NOT a programming course where the main focus is to learn a particular language, but you WILL be required to write programs later in the course and as part of the AP exam performance task.

    For the complete syllabus, please click this link: APCS Principles Syllabus

    Course Goals

    1. Connecting Computing
    2. Creating Computational Artifacts
    3. Abstracting
    4. Analyzing problems and Artifacts
    5. Communicating
    6. Collaborating

    Seven Big Ideas

    1. Creativity
    2. Abstraction
    3. Data and Information
    4. Algorithms
    5. Programming
    6. The Internet
    7. Global Impact