• Projects & Assignments

    Students will develop and maintain a portfolio of their photographs on Shutterfly taken during the semester.  Every week students will work on specific assignments to develop proficiency with a particular aspect of photography.  They will be expected to complete the assignment and post their work to the locations specified in the assignment.  They will also be expected to contribute to class discussions and critiques of their own and others’ works.

    There are a number of opportunities throughout the year to participate in art shows.  Student work will be selected from their portfolios and displayed during the event.  Students will have opportunities to learn professional mounting and display techniques.

    We will be using an on-line tool called Schoology to deliver and turn in assignments.  Each student will have a unique login that will be provided during the first week of class.  Parents may also have access to monitor their students’ work on this site through a unique code that will be provided upon request.  Please contact Mr. Hyman if you wish to gain access.

    Fall colors in oak leaves