Hello 2019-2020 AP Biology Students,

    When you begin (or continue working on) the AP Biology Summer reading assignment you will encounter a part you can't complete - the second box for each assignment asks "To Which Theme(s)....".  You may leave this box BLANK as it requires the textbook which was not issued this summer.  We will be touching on those themes in the first couple weeks of class. Regardless, I hope you are finding the articles an interesting and varied peek into some of the ares of Biology we will be exploring this coming year.

    Apologies for the confusion and have a great rest of your summer, Mr Schauer


    Hello and Welcome to Mr. Schauer's Wilsonville High School Web Page,

    This page is under revision due to changes coming to my tentative schedule for the 2019-2020 School year.

    As of May 2109 I will be teaching:

    Fall 2019 - Early Bird ISEF (1 section), AP Biology (1 section), Marine Biology (1 section) and AP Statistics (2 sections)

    Spring 2019 - AP Biology (1 section), Marine Biology (2 sections) and AP Statistics (2 sections)


    There is NO summer assignment for AP Statistics.

    There will be an investigative summer assignment for AP Biology which students will receive during the course meeting at lunch on June 5th.

    Course pages will be under construction this summer and a link to the AP Biology summer assignment will be available on that page shortly.

    Thanks for your patience with this construction.