• Welcome! I am so glad you are making orchestra part of your Athey Creek experience next year!


    What will I learn in 6th grade orchestra?

    Students learn how to play their instrument (violin, viola, cello, or bass) in an ensemble setting. We learn instrumental technique, music literacy skills, ensemble and solo performance skills, and valuable life skills such as determination, goal-setting, and teamwork.

    Do I need to know how to play an instrument or read music?

    No! I will teach you everything you need to know from the very beginning. If you already know how to play a string instrument, you can come play a very low-pressure audition for me to talk about participating in mixed grade level advanced orchestra instead. There is a place for everybody in Athey Creek Orchestra!

    Do I need an instrument on the first day of school? 

    No -- our first few days of school are spent learning exciting and essential pre-instrument skills, like rhythm and note reading, pencil bow-holds, and much more. Our first day with instruments will be after instrument rental night. 

    What instrument should I play?

    This is an exciting and fun question to answer! I will help you choose during the first days of school. There is a lot to consider: height, hand/arm size and shape, student preference all play a role. In addition, we need to have a well-balanced group. We need a good proportion of players of every string instrument in order to really sing as an orchestra! The best way to decide is to hear and try all of the instruments in person. We have an Instrument Petting Zoo in June every year, where students can get hands on experience with each instrument, guided by West Linn High School Orchestra experts who can give students the inside scoop on each instrument. In August, you can drop by the school to try out instruments one-on-one with Ms. Muggli.

    2018 Instrument Petting Zoo: June 4

    2018 August afternoons: August 22+23, 1-3 pm

    Are there instruments to use at school? Where can I get an instrument?

    There are a limited number of violins and violas available at school. Priority will go to families with financial need, and on a first-come first-serve basis after that. There are cellos and basses available for students to use at school, and they should have a personal instrument to use to practice at home and at concerts. I recommend renting an instrument for the first year of study, and considering stepping up to a first purchase after that. I highly recommend one of our many wonderful local instrument stores for renting and purchasing. Please check with me before purchasing anywhere else (online, big box stores). There are a lot of deals that look too good to be true -- they are called "Violin Shaped Objects" -- and I want to save you the heartbreak/repair costs.

    Beacock Music 1-800-729-7134 - located in Vancouver, will pick up and drop off from Athey Creek

    David Kerr Violins 503-238-5415 - located in SE

    Tigard Music 503-620-2844 - located in Tigard

    Manselle's Music 503-659-9817- located in Milwaukie

    Pete's Bass Shop 503-777-7027 - located in SE

    How do I sign up for orchestra?

    Make sure you make orchestra your first choice for your Related Arts class on your forecasting form! If you have any questions or are having trouble figuring out how to make orchestra work with your schedule, contact Ms. Muggli any time! 

    Email: mugglig@wlwv.k12.or.us

    Phone: 503-673-7815 ext. 4862