High School Orchestra at West Linn

  • High school orchestra may easily be the highlight of your time at West Linn.  Ms. Muggli is supportive and super excited to work with you! She will support you as you strive for your musical goals, whether that means playing just for fun while in high school or preparing for college music auditions.  You will make lifelong friends, have great musical and social experiences, and be part of an incredible legacy of musical excellence.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What are the orchestras offered at the high school?

    1.       String Orchestra (freshmen, open to all grades, non-auditioned)
    2.       Chamber Orchestra (auditioned, sometimes include motivated freshmen)

    What are the time commitments for freshmen?

    1.      Four concerts (October, December, March, May)
    2.      One festival in April.
    3.      Optional Solo & Ensemble (highly recommended - required in Chamber Orchestra).
    4.      If you are interested, there are other opportunities to perform (pit orchestra, full symphony, etc).

    Am I a good enough player to be in high school orchestra?

    Yes, you are.  Ms. Muggli accepts and helps players of all levels.  There’s no minimum playing level to be in String Orchestra.  She’s just happy you’re there. She will help you improve!

    I play a school-owned instrument.  Does West Linn have ones that I can use?

    Yes -- but a limited number. First priority goes to students on free and reduced lunch.

    I’m a super over-achiever and want to take an AP class as a freshman.  Can I do that and still be in orchestra?

    Yes.  But… you should investigate taking Wellness over the summer and putting off your language requirements until Junior and Senior year.  Talk to Ms. Muggli – she knows how to work with the counselors to make this possible.

    I am an athlete and want to play sports in high school. Can you do both Orchestra and Sports at West Linn HS?

    Yes.  Ms. Muggli is a BIG supporter of other high school activities. She encourages Orchestra kids to play sports, try out for plays, and participate in other activities. There are a lot of athletes and mock trial members and actors and and and….   in the orchestra.

    Are there grades in high school orchestra?

    Yes.  There are performance tests and finals that are designed to reward your hard work. However, there are no minimum practice requirements. Ms. Muggli feels that you should practice so you are prepared to play your best in class and at performances.  If you work hard, you’ll be fine (just like in life)

    I want to audition for Chamber Orchestra.  What do I need to do?

    1.   Get a recommendation from your middle school orchestra teacher.
    2. Notify your middle school teacher that you want to audition AFTER April 10– she will give you the music at this time.
    3. Prepare a small excerpt of your solo repertoire. Your private teacher or a Suzuki book for your instrument are a great place to start.
    4. Prepare the scales and excerpts at the recommended tempo.
    5.   Prepare to sight read
    6.   Starting May 14th, look on the WLHS Orchestra website (audition tab) to sign up for an audition time.  Chamber Orchestra auditions are the week of May 21-25.
    7.   Investigate taking private lessons – most Chamber Orchestra members study privately.
    8.   Your middle school teacher is NOT responsible for arranging your audition time with Ms. Muggli.  Make a good first impression, reach out early, and follow through with your commitments.


    I don’t want to audition for Chamber Orchestra!  What do I need to do?

    Nothing! Forecast for orchestra and show up ready to have fun in string orchestra!


    You should be.  It’s awesome.


    Contact Ms. Muggli: mugglig@wlwv.k12.or.us (503) 673-7815 ext. 4862