What is Computer Science (and what is it NOT)? Check out this short presentation (pdf) or slide show.

    AP Computer Science

    Congratulations on your decision to challenge yourself and get involved in one of the fastest growing and most exciting fields of study. This course has two goals:

    1. To provide you with a solid foundation in computer science and computational thinking so that you will be able to pursue further study in college or in anything you choose to do after high school. There is no job or profession that does not benefit from computer science!

    2. To help you get ready for the APCS-A exam

    Please look at the syllabus outline for this course. It will give you a rough idea of what you can expect. We will stick to this as much as possible, but you can expect additional and different assignments from time to time.


    • Assignments & Practice problems
    • Chapter Tests & quizzes
    • Post-exam project
    • Mock exam (this will be the final exam for the course)

    Please note that there is no "homework" on this list--this is a college-level course and as such, it may require you to do work at home to finish the assignments. We will have several labs during the class that will give you a chance to apply your learning to actual programs. Most of the class time will be devoted to working on assignments. It is up to you to manage your time well so you complete the assignment on time. Any work not completed in class must be done on your own so you can turn it in on time.

    Assignments and Quizzes

    We will be using an online tool, Edhesive, for delivering and turning in assignments and quizzes. Each student will set up a unique account. 

    As an AP student, you are expected to keep up with the work and the reading as outlined in the curriculum. It is absolutely critical for you to develop the habits and mindset to tackle the problems and concepts on a regular basis and without prompting from the instructor.