AP Statistics Syllabus 2018-2019                                         Instructor:  Steve Schramm

    Texts:  Stats: Modeling the World, Third Edition                  schramms@wlwv.k12.or.us

                The Practice of Statistics, 5th Edition



    Welcome to AP Statistics! 


    This course will cover the content of both descriptive and inferential statistics, the curriculum that is typically in two terms of introductory college level statistics.  Although the mathematics of statistics is not incredibly difficult (prerequisite is Advanced Algebra), the challenge comes in the written interpretation and communication of the data.  Reading and writing are key elements to success in this course.


    You are expected to bring your book, notebook/3-ring binder, pencil, and  a statistics friendly calculator (TI 83+ or TI-84).  We do a lot of class activities where you will need your book so please bring it every day. 


    The schedule we follow has been carefully planned so that we can cover the essential topics found on the AP Statistics Exam, which you are required to take if enrolled in this class. The cost of the AP Exam is approximately $50 and the bookkeeper will charge your account.   Along with the text book assignments we will do calculator activities and data explorations as well as many AP Free Response questions.  The assigned work will be turned in on the days noted on the syllabus, typically at the end of each chapter section.  Late work will receive no credit unless you meet with Mr. Schramm about that particular assignment.  There are no make ups or re-dos on quizzes, tests or exams.  I suggest you be disciplined about reading the assigned lessons (absolutely essential) and completing the assigned work.  Students who do not complete the homework on/before the day of the test will not be eligible for the points added to their tests (tests are difficult and every test is curved). 


    Quizzes, projects, tests, final exams and AP Free Response questions make up 90% of your grade.  (Study and learn the material the first time around as there are no make ups!)


    I hope that we can have a successful year in AP Statistics together.  My office hours for help are 7:30 – 8:25 am and 3:00-3:30. Students who miss class due to any reason should communicate this with me ahead of time or, if not possible, should stop in and see me the next morning. 


    Most colleges will grant you college credit if you score a 4 or better on the exam.  Let’s make it a goal this year to score a 4 or 5 on the AP Stats Exam in May. 


    Steve Schramm

    WVHS Math Dept








    AP STATISTICS 2018-19

    Mr. Schramm

    Room: 221        Phone: 673-7800 x4698 (before 8:25am or after 3:30pm)

    Help Hours: 7:40am – 8:25am, 3:00pm – 3:30pm

    e-mail:  schramms@wlwv.k12.or.us (best way to reach me)


    • Expectations

    - Come to class prepared (book, binder, pencil/pen, and calculator) and on time. 

    - Do your best (WORK HARD and SHOW YOUR WORK!) and take pride in everything you do. 

    - Show that you are a positive leader in the classroom. 

    • Behavior

    - Be respectful of others, others’ property, and yourself. 

    - No cell phones are to be heard or seen without teacher permission.   

    - I-pods/MP3’s/Headphones are not allowed in the classroom since pair and group work is expected. 

    • Food 

    - Food/drink is allowed in class if it is not a distraction.  Water is best and please use a clear, re-closable  bottle. 

    • Tardy Policy

    -You are TARDY if you are not in your seat when the bell rings or when Mr. Schramm closes the door at or after the sound of the bell.  No penalty for the first two tardies, then students will need to serve a 20-minute detention for each tardy thereafter.  Students serving detention will generally staple papers, clean desks, or perform other tasks to help keep room 221 neat and orderly.  Detentions can be served at break, sometimes at lunch, or before/ after school. 

    • Leaving Class / Bathroom – Locker Trips

    -If for some reason you need to leave class it is imperative that you inform me of where you are going.  I am responsible for your whereabouts and need this information.  Students need to write their name and the time they left/returned on the whiteboard.  Leaving the room without permission will result in detention(s).  Locker trips/bathroom trips should be 5 minutes or less. 



    • Calculation of grades
    • Assignments/Problem Solving/In Class Work/Participation/Organization/Computer Work (10%):

    Assignments/HW Packets/REVIEW Packets are to be completed before coming to class.  The assignments will be checked or collected at the beginning of class.  After this point they are considered late and receive no credit10 points are possible on most assignments unless otherwise noted.  HW Packets will be worth between 15-50 points.  HW Packets can be corrected in the classroom before/after school.   Corrected HW packets will be given full credit,if on time.  If you do not understand your assignment I expect you to come in to get some help.  Students may receive extra help before or after school. 

    Extra credit may be offered in this class.  It will be recorded in this category. 

    Daily problem solving/warm-up problems/exit tasks will be randomly graded on accuracy or if complete. 

    Organization and taking notes are important so your binder will be graded at least once each semester.  Your binder should be divided and labeled into 4 parts:  class notes and assignments, quizzes, tests, and FRQ’s/review packets. 

    Participation matters in this class.  Distractions such as phones, fidget spinners, and playing games are distractions that takes you away from your learning.  Students that have any of these out during class will receive half credit on all assignments that are associated with the activity we are working on at that time. 


    • Tests/Projects/Final Exam (75%)

    Tests occur every 3-5 weeks.  If you miss a test with a verified absence you need to make it up ASAP or it turns into a zero.  Please communicate absences with me so we can find a time to take your test.  Students will be allowed to use their FORMULAS and TABLE sheets and their calculators on their tests and final exam.  Our tests are designed to simulate the AP Exam. 


    • Quizzes (15%)

    Quizzes occur more frequently.  We will have lots of daily/pop quizzes in this class.  They are designed to help you learn the smaller lessons that lead to a unit test.   


    All students are required to take the AP Exam.  There is a $50 fee for the AP exam.  AP Exam fees will be automatically charged to students' accounts.  The AP Stats Exam is on Thursday, May 16th at noon. 


    • Grades: A = 90.0% and up, B = 80.0%-89.9%, C = 70.0%-79.9%, D = 60.0% to 69.9%, F = below 60%
    • Excused Absences
    • Class progresses when you are absent. It is your responsibility to retrieve the missing assignments and any notes.  Find someone who can assist you if you miss class.  You have approximately two days to make up an assignment.  You should stop in to see me if you are absent! 
    • Late assignments receive no credit. Late projects will be worth some points up to a certain date. 

    See Mr. Schramm if you have questions.  I may let you make up points if something comes up and you couldn’t finish an assignment for a good reason. 

    • If you are absent the day before a test and return the day of the test, you will be expected to take the test. (Tests are posted well in advance and our review day does not include any new information).
    • If you miss a test you will need to make it up within 2 weeks or it will become a zero. You may make up the test during my office hours or in the academic/tutoring center.   See Mr. Schramm for details. 
    • Unexcused Absences
    • Unexcused absences are not valid reasons for missing work. For an unexcused absence you will not be

             allowed to turn in late work. 

    • Materials required for this class
    • Graphing calculator (TI-83 Plus or TI 84 or TI-84 Plus)

    - Pencils, 3 ring-notebook,Correcting pen in a cool color! 


    • Communication
    • Students should take responsibility for communication with their teachers.
    • Assignments are accessed through my web-page from the school web-site.

    -  Keep track of your grades/attendance every week. 

    -  Students with D’s/F’s should come in before/after school 3 days a week. 


    Please share this information with your parent(s)/guardian, complete the requested information, and have your parent(s)/guardian sign to indicate that they have read it as well.  PLEASE PRINT. 

    Parent(s)/Guardian Name(s)  ______________________________________________________

    Parent(s)/Guardian Work Phone # or Cell # ___________________________________________

    Parent(s)/Guardian Email _________________________________________________________


    Parent(s)/Guardian Signature(s) ___________________________________________________

    STUDENT NAME ______________________________________________________________


    STUDENT SIGNATURE _________________________________________________________