High school is designed to prepare you for life, which includes having the skills and attitudes that employers will look for and expect. Professional behavior and mindset requires that you demonstrate ALL of the following.  

    • Be on time every day. You will be required to make up time for tardies. You can make up unexcused tardies at the rate of 30 minutes for every 3 tardies.  Make-up times are during Open Studio hours (see above)
    • Put your cell phone away. Cell phone use is permitted only with instructor permission. Each time your cell phone is visible you will lose 2% of your grade.
    • Dress professionally. You may wear a hoodie to class, but you may not have the hood on your head at any time.
    • Put your earbuds away. Since you will be expected to interact with your team, listening to music is not permitted in class
    • Cooperate with your team. Be helpful, follow directions, stay on task
    • Stay on task. No employer will be willing to pay you to be distracted on the job.  They will expect you to earn every dollar that they pay you.
    • Be respectful of other people, equipment, and computers
    • Be polite. This is good advice for any situation

    Classwork, Projects, and Assessments 

    Deadlines and due dates for work and projects are important in the ‘real world’.  To prepare you for this, you are expected to complete all the required assignments for this class by the due date given at the time they are assigned.  Late assignments without excused absences may lose points

    Assignments. You will be given adequate time to complete assignments during class, but it will require that you spend your class time wisely.  If you are unable to complete an assignment during class, you must make arrangements to finish it as homework or during Open Studio times (see above).  Some assignments are designed to help you build skills and will be graded as Complete or Incomplete.  Other assignments will be used to assess your mastery of the skills and will receive a letter grade

    Exams & Quizzes.  These are designed to find out what you have learned.  You will not be allowed to retake an exam or quiz to improve your score.