• English 9


     The Syllabus for English 9 was sent home with a signoff page for parents. The digital version of this document is posted in your child's Google Classroom.

     I use Google Classroom for posting assignments and classroom materials, and it is also where students upload any material they have created for an assignment. Please ask your child to login and take you on a tour of the current unit. 


    I encourage students to contact me with questions, even if it is outside normal office hours. I use the Remind app (or website) as a quicker way to send out text blasts to a whole class, and it is set up for students to send questions to the teacher. Parents, if you wish to also receive these occasional notices, text to 81010 the corresponding class code below:

    • ELA9msD   @88edbh


    We will also use diagnostic material and lessons at Quill.org to strengthen composition and grammatical use. Your child will be on that site most likely while we are in class. However, there will be times that I ask students to complete some of the lessons as homework.