• Did you know that a full third of the earth is desert?  Right now, I am reading a non-fiction book, The Immeasurable World,  by William Atkins.  Crazy and kind of cool, I think, to read how this man was curious about the deserts of the world, and so he decided to travel to ALL the major deserts on earth... and we readers get to go along for the (sometimes) perilous ride.

    book cover for The Immeasurable World, by William Atkins

    Additionally, I listen to audiobooks on my drive to (and from) school each day.  My current audiobook (which I have read at least three times) is Neil Gaiman's American Gods, a pseudo-mythological tale set in 1990's America. I love myth, and Gaiman is one of the best when it comes to memorable characters.

    book cover to American Gods by Neil Gaiman