Jessica Orth's Preschool Class Schedule

  • Our current schedule is Tuesday-Thursday, from 8:30-11:30.
    When students arrive, they are greeted at the door with a hug, compliment, and huge smile.
    Students then drop off their coats and bags and read on the carpet with our wonderful assistant, Mrs. Kitsis.
    We then join together in a circle, sing our morning songs, discuss the calendar, weather, and question of the day and read a story or discuss our theme.
    After morning circle, students travel through 4 open-ended invitation stations. They typically include a fine motor station (playdough, cutting, tracing, ect.), a STEAM station (building, color mixing, painting, a science exploration, etc.) , a Spanish station with Mrs. Kitsis and an academic or social-emotional station with Mrs. Orth (this typically involves introducing or reinforcing an emotion, letter, sound, shape, color or number through a game). This part of our day is typically 20-30 minutes.
    After our learning stations, students have open-ended play time where our entire classroom is available for play. This typically lasts approximately 30-45 minutes.
    After play, we come together for a shared snack, then spend a large chunk of time exploring our wonderful outdoor area. Students run, bike, dig, draw and pretend for at least 45 minutes rain, snow, or shine!
    We finish our day with another brief open-ended play time, before we read our final story, pack up and say "see you soon!"