• Electronic Music Composition



    Course Description:

     The student will learn basic techniques for creating electronic music
    and other applications through using the program FL Studio 20


    Software:  FL Studio 20



    Students will receive various handouts throughout the course or the class.


    Course Objectives:

    Upon the completion of this course, students will be able to:

    Describe and follow the steps needed to create a recording;

    Utilize editing software and DAW instruments to create a recording;

    Understand the legal elements that surround the Music industry;

    Explain the importance of music and sound as a conveyor of ideas.


    Class Expectations:

    Each student is expected to participate each day is a positive manner.  

    Students will be awarded points for attendance and participation in the class each week of class. 
    A maximum of 10 points per week.

    Headsets will be needed for class.

    Much of the class is performance based, so daily attendance and working in the program are essential to achieving a passing grade.



    Each graded assignment will be a compilation of techniques and specific elements required of each music sample to receive a passing grade.

    Each assignment will have specific objectives relating to velocity, structure and  required elements to meet assignment criteria.

    When grading an assignment, project specific rubrics will be presented to each student to ensure understanding and proficiency.