• It is incredibly important to protect plant environments, because we might not yet know of the medicinal value they hold. The Pacific Yew tree, for example, is known to contain Taxol, an anti-Cancer drug. If no one had protected these trees from becoming extinct, we might never have known about this magnificent tree that fights cancer. We have no idea if the plants right outside our homes could have currently unknown medicinal value, and I know I wouldn't want to be the one to let an endangered shrub die, if it really contained toxins that could help further prevent cancer, or thousands of other diseases that we continue to battle today. 

    In all, plants are critical to our survival in many ways, and we need to help them, so that they can help us. 

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  • ***All of the medicinal uses mentioned were researched by a student, not a doctor. All content was created by a high school student, Maura Schramm. Any medicinal value is intended for informational purposes only. Do not use plants without consulting a doctor.