• U.S. History

     Welcome to U.S. History!

    We will not simply learn history; we will use history to understand and shape the world we live in today. For example, we will study the history of immigration to the U.S. in order to participate intelligently in the immigration debate in the U.S. today.

    Here is a rough outline for our units of study:

    * Unit 1, Course Foundation: We will lay the groundwork for our year-long discussion of current challenges in the U.S. (3.5 weeks)

    * Unit 2, Industrialization and Progressivism: How did our economy evolve from agriculture to industry, and how did this impact public policy? (5.5 weeks)

    * Unit 3, The American People and Immigration: What were the experiences of different groups in the U.S., and how has immigration shaped the country? (4.5 weeks)

    * Unit 4, Imperialism: How and why did the U.S. establish an empire, and what is America's global reach today? (2.5 weeks)

    * Unit 5, Great Depression and New Deal: How did these events shape modern U.S. economic and social policy? (6 weeks)

    * Unit 6, World Wars: How did these wars set the stage for modern relationships between countries? (3.5 weeks)

    * Unit 7, Cold War and Vietnam: How did this period of tension define the modern world order? (4 weeks)

    * Unit 8, Civil Rights: What is the modern history of struggles of Blacks, women and the LGBTQ community? (4.5 weeks)

    * Unit 9, American Culture: How have American tastes changed over the past 100 years? (3 weeks)