Wellness 1

Wellness 1

  • Alternating between 3 weeks of Wellness and three weeks of Physical Education, this course covers concepts and skills necessary for attaining and maintaining personal wellness (the combination of physical, mental/emotional, and social health) throughout one’s life. Skills for accessing information, self-management, analyzing influences, interpersonal communication, goal setting, decision-making, and advocacy are taught and/or practiced in a health context to promote life-long wellness.

    The objectives of this course are to provide students with an understanding of how to keep themselves healthy and practice health-enhancing behaviors, to stress the benefits of physical activity, exercise, and healthy decisions for people of all ages and abilities, to set goals for a healthy future, and to help students develop behavioral habits for continued participation, life-long health, and recreational enjoyment.


    • Promotion of Mental, Emotional and Social Health
    • Sexual Health
    • Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drugs and Brain Development

    Physical Education

    • Presidential Physical Fitness Testing
    • Court Sports
    • Organized Games
    • Team and Individual Games

    Curriculum for this course is developed from the Goodheart-Wilcox Comprehensive Health, 2nd Edition textbook. Students can access the text online here: www.g-wonlinetextbooks.com

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