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    ♥Welcome to

    Mrs. Black's Art and Drama page!♥

    I am the 6th grade art and 7th grade 2D art and drama teacher.  I am excited to see you explore the arts with an open mind and heart! This classroom will be a nurturing environment, where every student can comfortably and creatively express.  The students should walk away from class with new drama or art skills and experiments, many fun memories, and a deeper appreciation of the arts.  

    The arts have always served as the distinctive vehicle for discovering who we are.  These classes are designed to be more dynamic and open-ended than many other subjects offered.  My goal for the artists who experience art and drama at ACMS will recognize the value of creative expression and reflection in today's world.  

    I look forward to learning with you as we share thoughts and ideas and mistakes along the way.  


    6th Grade Visual Arts Syllabus               7th Grade: Welcome to Drama!

     6th Grade Daily Agenda*                         7th Grade Daily Agenda for Drama*

      7th Grade 2D Art Daily Agenda*         

     *You will have to scroll down on the daily agendas for the correct date