Hello!!  My name is Mindy Black.  Bitmoji me

    I am so excited to be here!  I just arrived from Nashville, TN, where I have taught art for 15 years.   My family includes my husband, Jeff, and my daughters, Carmen, Marlo, and Violet.  Carmen is a Wildlife Biology major at the University of TN in Chattanooga, where she also enjoys camping and rock climbing.  Marlo is a Veterinarian major at the University of TN in Knoxville, where she also works for a Vet clinic. Violet is an incoming 5th grader who loves the performing arts and can’t wait to find a theater group to join. My husband came out here in April and found our house in the Garden Home neighborhood before Violet and I flew here in June! This summer has felt like a surreal whirlwind of events.  But so far, Athey Creek Middle School has given me the warmest welcome of any school I have ever known.