• How to View Student Grades for the 2020-2021 Online Program (*Q4 grades will be entered by June 28, 2021)
    1. In ParentVUE, look for the "Course History" tab on the left hand menu. Click on this.
    2. The THIRD header down on the main page will say "Student Course History", and there is an "on/off"
    switch next to the word "Detail" (the system is asking if you want to see details or not). Toggle this switch
    to the "on" position (the oval will turn green).
    3. Scroll down as the courses/grades populate. The list is chronological, so you will need to scroll to the very bottom to see the most current grades.
    (This should work perfectly on a computer or tablet,
    browser incompatibility may cause issues when attempting to view on a mobile phone.)