• Civics and American Government

    Course Description and Essential Knowledge

    This course is designed to give the student a better understanding of the framework of government on both the national and local levels. Through the course, students will gain a deeper understanding of political thought, and the thoughts of those in power. We will also spend a lot of time discussing current events.



    Documents, readings, and other materials will be provided and posted in google classroom as needed for daily assignments.


    Units of Study:

    Unit 1: Introduction to Government

    Unit 2: Foundations of American Government

    Unit 3: The Constitution & Federalism

    Unit 4: Political Parties & Ideology

    Unit 5: The Legislative Branch

    Unit 6: The Executive Branch

    Unit 7: The Judicial Branch

    Unit 8: Civil Liberties

    Unit 9: State & Local Government


    Goals of the Course         

    1. Students will acquire knowledge of Civics and American Government including specific terms, and concepts.
    2. Students will weave together the skills and content of civics, history, and geography and learn how they affect each other.
    3. Students will consider multiple perspectives, weigh evidence, and make sound judgments about the contemporary world.
    4. These processes build student confidence as critical thinkers.
    5. Learners will leave prepared for advanced level courses in the social sciences and some of the analytical tasks common to the 21st-century work world.