WLWV Primary School Parent Guide for FLVS


    Video Tutorial for Navigating Florida Virtual

    Role of FLVS in CDL and Hybrid Learning

    This fall, students will experience a combination of live instruction from teachers and digital instruction from the online Florida Virtual Schools (FLVS) platform. FLVS is a national and international, award-winning digital learning platform that has been around since 1996. FLVS provides instructional and practice components for students to learn independently at their own pace.

    During CDL and Hybrid Learning, primary students will participate in a rotating A/B schedule. The first day is a “Live Instruction and Conferring Day”, during which students experience live interaction from teachers in the form of an instructional lesson, small group work and individual conferring. Teachers will direct students to the appropriate lesson in FLVS. The following day is a “Teacher Directed Independent Learning Day”. On this day, students attend a live class meeting in the morning and then continue working independently in the FLVS platform. 

    FLVS Core Courses for Primary School

    Language Arts and Mathematics are core subjects for CDL and Hybrid Learning. Students will use FLVS for Language Arts and Mathematics every day. During the Integrated Studies block, teachers may introduce students to FLVS lessons in the subjects of Science, Art or Spanish Language. Teachers may also deliver their own teacher-created digital content during this time, including Social Studies lessons.

    Daily Assignments

    Each day begins with a class Zoom meeting with all students from both A and B cohorts. Teachers will review the daily schedule, learning targets and activities children will engage in. During the “Live Instruction and Conferring Day”, teachers will provide directions for accessing selected FLVS lessons and activities. Students continue working on the same FLVS modules the next “Independent Learning” day.

    During CDL and Hybrid Learning, children will benefit from guidance and structure provided by a caregiver or parent. Here are some tips for supporting your child:

    • Check email and/or your child’s Google Classroom often for teacher feedback. 
    • Teachers will also post links to Zoom instructional videos so students and caregivers can rewatch them any time during the day. Videos will be available for view two weeks after the lesson.
    • Select the Checklist icon within the FLVS lesson to see a list of lessons and assignments. 

    How to Log into FLVS

    Login to your FLVS student account is your school Google username and password. Your child’s teacher can supply this information if needed. You can also complete a Trouble Ticket and our Information Technology staff will help you.

    The web address for Florida Virtual is: https://wlwv.agilixbuzz.com/

    Lesson Navigation

    Course lessons are the "textbook" for the course. Students should read each lesson carefully and complete the tasks in the lesson.

    When you are in a lesson, use the buttons at the top of the page to move around within the lesson.

    • My Progress: Select this to see the page you are on or to move to a specific page in the lesson.
    • Back Arrow: Select this to move to the previous lesson page.
    • Home: Select this to return to the Home page.
    • Forward Arrow: Select this to move to the next lesson page.

    My progress

    Lesson Icons

    When you are in a lesson, the following icons are available at the top of the page.

    menu, glossary, print, checklist, resources, toolbox, bookmark, speech tool

    • Menu: Select this to go to the Table of Contents page for the course.
    • Glossary: Select this to access a searchable and printable dictionary of terms used in the course.
    • Print: Select this to print any page in the lesson.
    • Checklist: Select this to access the module checklist, which can be printed, to keep track of the lessons in the module.
    • Resources: Select this to access resources like videos and printable worksheets.
    • Toolbox: Select this for tools such as a text highlighter, calculator, and stopwatch.
    • Bookmark: Select this to bookmark any page in any lesson for quick reference.
    • Speech Tool: Select this to have the text on the page read aloud


    Materials will vary by course, and most are common school supplies you may already have. Schools are also providing “Go Boxes” with materials to support student learning. The list below contains supplies for all grade levels and subjects. For a more specific subject-area materials list, please go to the Materials List in the Course Information section. Please contact the school office if you need any assistance obtaining materials. We are happy to help! Here are basic materials needed for most courses:

    • Pencils
    • Erasers
    • Scissors
    • Crayons and colored pencils
    • Glue
    • Tape
    • Ruler
    • Printer paper
    • Multi-colored paper

    Speech Tool

    speech tool In the lesson, select the Speech Tool at the top of the page to hear the lesson content read aloud. When the Speech Tool is selected, the Play, Pause, and Stop buttons appear. You can select Play to have every word on the page read aloud, or you can highlight words or paragraphs and select Play to hear those items. The Speech Tool automatically highlights the text being read. This link provides more detailed instructions for using the Speech Tool.

    Turning in Assignments

    Teachers will communicate the best strategies for turning in assignments for each class.

    Teachers may suggest several ways to submit assignments, including, but not limited too:

    • You can scan a worksheet, save it to your computer, and then attach the worksheet to the assignment or email it to a teacher. 
    • You can take a picture of a project with a mobile phone and email it.
    • You can show a teacher the assignment during a Zoom conference.

    Defining Key Words

    Words in a different color and/or underlined can be selected to see the word’s definition and sometimes hear the word pronounced.

    Keeping Track of Where You Leave Off

    Select the Bookmark tool at the top of the page before you log off. When you go back into the lesson, you can select Go To Bookmark to be taken to the page where you left off.

    bookmark and go to bookmark.

    Technical Support

    If you need help understanding how to access Florida Virtual, please contact your child’s teacher or the school’s instructional coordinator.

    If you have problems with your child's chromebook, school accounts or Florida Virtual accounts, you can get support through our district IT department. You may contact them at: https://tekmee.wlwv.k12.or.us/helpathome/