Advanced Algebra B 2020

  • During Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) classes will be organized through Google Classroom and meet together using Zoom. Students have been imported to Miss Gilman's Google Classrooms based on the course schedule. Log into Google Classroom before class begins each day to access the Zoom link for our meetings and read any announcements for the day. Important Links for CDL include the Advanced Algebra B Course Syllabus, Digital Access for our Textbooks, and the Desmos online graphing calculator. Links will also be posted in Google Classroom for easy access.

    Required Materials for Comprehensive Distance Learning: 

    • (1) Computer with Internet Access
    • (1) TI-83 or TI-84 Graphing Calculator
    • (1) 3-ring Binder
    • (1) Spiral Notebook dedicated to Adv Algebra ONLY
    • Notebook Paper and Graph Paper
    • Pencils
    • Red, green or purple pen (at least one)
    • Highlighters (at least one)