• Contact Ms. Jolly the School Counselor via email at jollyj@wlwv.k12.or.us to schedulale an appointment.
    We are not calling students down from classes/cohorts to meet with Ms. Jolly in person in her office.
    Let her know the following in your email:
    1. Your first and last name
    2. Grade
    3. Brief description of your concern
    4. Please know Ms. Jolly's email is confidential but if there are issues involving safety or adults need to be involved, confidentiality has to be broken to insure students are safe and taken care of.
    Ms. Jolly will respond to your emails as soon as she can.
    She may try to join the Zoom you are in for class in or outside of the building to contact you.
    Most of these appointments will have to be after school and through Zoom or over email.

    You will need to be patient.
    It could take a few days for Ms. Jolly to get to your request.
    If you are in the building we will not have meetings with Ms. Jolly in her office or the office area.
    If it is an emergency that cannot wait, contact your teacher and they will contact the office.
    Ms. Jolly may be helping with a variety of issues to help students with Hybrid protocols and safety measures.
    She may not be available immediately.
    We appreciate your patience!
Jen Jolly