• Technology Reminders for Students Transitioning to Hybrid Learning

    1. We will expect all students to bring their fully-charged Chromebook (or personal device) to school every day that they come. We will also expect them to be taken home each night. Charging/power cords should be kept at home.

    2. We suggest that students carry the device in their backpack. Please take extra precaution if sending any food/beverage to school to ensure that no leaks occur. If you are sending food/beverage to school in the backpack, consider enclosing the chromebook in a ziploc style bag inside the backpack.

    3. If your child has been using a personal computing device this school year, they can bring that to and from school. That is up to you as a family to decide.

    4. If you do not have a Chromebook or other device that you are comfortable transporting to and from school at this point, please submit a tekmee ticket to get directions for arranging for picking one up.

    5. Please make sure that your child can independently log into their device, including remembering their password as well as how to turn the device on. Please practice this with your child if they have generally relied on parental support to do this.

    6. We highly encourage you to keep the device plugged in while at home all the time. This will help ensure that it has adequate charge when brought to school.

    7. Before your child returns to school, it would be wise to "test" the battery capacity. To do so, fully charge it and then use it for a full-day of normal school activities while not plugged in. Watch the power as you do this and connect power when/if the battery gets below 10%. This will provide the best estimate of the device's current battery capacity. If you had to plug it into power before the normal end of the school day, contact the school to arrange for a device swap.