• Dear Parents/Guardians of Students in WKOP,


    This year, your student(s) participated in our new WLWV K12 Online Program (WKOP). We are grateful for your trust in this program that was launched in response to a need in our community: a full-time online program for students not able to attend school in person. Your patience, feedback and support along the way has been invaluable and greatly appreciated. Even as we expect a return to full-time, in-person learning at our school buildings this fall, we believe that some families may prefer to keep their child(ren) at home for their learning experience. Therefore, we are continuing the program indefinitely, to meet the ongoing needs of our community. Starting next year, the name will change to WLWV K12 Online Academy (WKOA).


    Enrolling Your Student(s) for 2021-2022


    We will begin the enrollment process by first placing all current WKOP students back into their neighborhood school for the 2021-2022 school year. This means your child will be part of the Class Placement Process at your neighborhood school. Unless, you have other plans for their placement next year, such as a move or staying in WKOP/WKOA. If so, please inform your school principal starting April 5 so that we can plan accordingly.


    Will WKOA Look The Same Next Year?


    Not exactly. We will be making changes to the program which is why we are also changing the name of the program. The changes are mainly due to the expected smaller enrollment in the academy and to provide more individualized pacing and course selections for future WKOA students.


    Same Different
    The online program/academy will continue to utilize the K12 Stride (formally FuedEd) digital curriculum for academic content. This curriculum continues to be the preferred choice for meeting content standards through a robust set of texts, online tools, and materials. A WLWV teacher will not provide regular direct instruction to a whole class cohort. Instead, the parent/guardian will be the student’s main learning coach as the student progresses independently, at their preferred pace, through their online courses.
    A WLWV teacher will still be assigned to each student/family to assist with creating a learning plan, maintaining connection to school and activities, assigning final grades, administering state assessments, and assisting with any technical or academic concerns. Because we anticipate a much smaller enrollment in the program/academy next year, it is likely that a WLWV teacher will be assigned to students in multiple grade levels across multiple schools.


    Because WKOA students will stay “enrolled” in their neighborhood school, WKOA students will continue to receive support from our Special Education and English Language Development departments for any specialized instruction needs. WKOA students will continue to have access to all activities, athletics, clubs, meal service and learning labs offered at their home school. Families will stay enlisted with their neighborhood school’s ListServ and are invited to attend any and all school activities throughout the year. Visit our WKOA website for more information about the district program.


    REMEMBER: Families who intend to enroll their student(s) in WKOA for the 2021-2022 school year should inform their school office as soon as April 5. A confirmation conversation with the school principal will follow.


    Will School On-Campus Return to Normal?


    Yes, we look forward to beginning the new school year with our students fully on-site, every day, for their learning experience. With the recently changed safety protocol of physical distancing (3 feet) by the Oregon Health Authority, all WLWV schools will begin the 2021-2022 school year with five, full days of in-person instruction typical of past years. Students who choose this option can expect a “normal” model of on-site learning.


    However, we plan to offer optional Blended Learning Courses in our High Schools. We have learned a great deal this year about how a successful format of remote learning can benefit many students. Therefore, we plan to offer several courses in a Blended Learning format (remote and in-person learning) for interested high school students, next year and beyond. Students will have the option to take 1-2 courses partially online taught by a WLWV teacher, in selected subject areas, while still enrolled in their other courses on-site. Blended Learning courses may vary in their set up. Some may be more structured for whole class participation, occasional on-site labs or check-ins with aligned course pacing. Other classes may be less structured, more individualized, and students will determine their own pace towards completion of their course. Students taking a Blended Learning course can expect to engage in some learning in-person at school and some learning remotely. Students/families can view the Blended Learning Course options offered at their school when they work with their school on “forecasting” for next year.


    The Two Learning Options: Visual Summary


    The Two Learning Options for 2021-2022 School Year visual may be helpful to use when determining a family’s plans for enrollment next year. Again, we encourage you to let us know as soon as possible if you plan to keep your student(s) in WKOA next year or have other plans.


    We continue to enjoy serving you and your child(ren) this school year and look forward to starting our new school year with great eagerness and a renewal of our community being together.


    Leading Forward Together,
    Kathy Ludwig, Superintendent

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