Room: 221    Phone: 503-673-7600 x 4698

    e-mail:  schramms@wlwv.k12.or.us (best way to reach me)


    • Expectations

    - Come to class on time prepared (book, pencil, and calculator) ready to learn. 

    - Do your best (WORK HARD and SHOW YOUR WORK!) and take pride in everything you do. 

    - All assignments should be completed in pencil or erasable pen unless stated otherwise

    - Be a positive leader in the classroom. 

    • Behavior

    - Be respectful of others, others’ property, and yourself.  Think before you speak and choose your    words carefully.  Students are expected to work hard in class and to work from beginning to end.  

    - No cell phones or headphones are to be heard or seen without teacher permission unless it’s an emergency (see Mr. Schramm in this case).  Having a phone out takes away from the learning experience so this would affect how a student performs each day. 

    • Tardy Policy

    -You are TARDY if you are not in the room when the tone sounds for the start of class.  Warm-up problems start at the beginning of class.  Students will lose out on learning/review as well as HW points for not doing this work. 

    • Leaving Class / Bathroom – Locker Trips

    -We will have breaks built into the class period.  Try to use the bathroom before or after class is in session. 



    • Daily work, assignments, and computer work (30%):

    Daily work is to be completed with appropriate steps shown (showing work) and turned in at the end of class, the beginning of class the next day, or at the end of a unit.   10 points are possible on each assignment unless otherwise noted.  Students who do not understand the assignment are expected to get some help from me or other students.  A “10” on a daily work assignment means it is on time, class work is done with appropriate work shown, and they have been engaged on their homework the entire time (phones/headphones away).  Students are expected to communicate with other students so this will count as part of their grade, too.  Daily work will be graded on accuracy on many occasions.   

    Organization and taking notes are important so your notebook may be graded from time to time in this class.

    Extra credit/recovery points may be offered in this class.  It will be recorded in this category.  Make-up points can be recovered before or after class.  See Mr. Schramm for details.   

    Homework assignments will be given every week and will be graded a number of ways (accuracy, effort, or both).  Partial credit will be given for late or incomplete assignments.  We may be doing computer work and it will be graded on accuracy and effort. 



    • Tests/Quizzes/Small Assessments/Projects (70%)

    Normally you will have one quiz per week to make sure you are keeping on top of the material.  Quizzes will assess how the student is understanding and retaining information/steps.  Quizzes will be done on Fridays.  There will be a test at the end of the quarter.  This will be much longer than the weekly quizzes.  Smaller assessments and check-ins and may occur several times per week.  These could be solo or in a group.    There will assessment retakes offered in this class. 






    • GRADES

      A = 90% and up, B = 80%-89%, C = 70%-79%, D = 60% to 69%,   F = below 60%


    • Absences: Class progresses when you are absent.  It is your responsibility to collect the missing assignments and any notes.  Find someone who can assist you if you miss class.  You have two days to make up an assignment before it is considered late.   Be proactive about this so you can learn to manage your absences and the work load.  Contact me if you have questions about missing class. 


    • Late assignments are worth half credit and will only be accepted on or before the day of the unit test/quiz. Late projects will be worth some points up to a certain date. 



    • Unexcused Absences Unexcused absences are not valid reasons for missing work. For an unexcused absence you will not be allowed to turn in late work.  A test or quiz missed with an unexcused absence is entered as a 0.     
    • Graphing calculator or another scientific calculator (TI-83 Plus or TI 84 or TI-84 Plus are the best)
    • Pencils, wired notebooks and folder OR 3 ring-notebook with sleeves for handouts
    • Graph Paper


    • Students should take responsibility for communication with their teachers.
    • Assignments are accessed through my web-page from the school web-site.
    • Check your grade/attendance every week.

    Please share this information with your parent(s)/guardian, complete the requested information, and have your parent(s)/guardian sign to indicate that they have read it as well.  PLEASE PRINT THIS OFF. COMPLETE IT, TAKE A PICTURE, AND SEND IT TO ME OR JUST FILL OUT THE 4 LINES BELOW ON A SHEET OF PAPER AND SEND IT TO ME.