Ms. Sandi Gray





    Welcome to US History! In our class, we will explore the story of America: the collective experience of millions of folks just like you.


    I am in my room before and after school every day, if you need help.


    Course Description: Students are required to have 1 credit of US History..

    The course is organized around a thematic approach to address Oregon state standards through the historical content of the 20th century. Through case studies, oral histories and primary documents, the course focus will be on both the extraordinary and ordinary people and events that have shaped contemporary history. Activities in the course include reading and analysis of literature and primary documents, research for debate, simulations, lecture, interviews and speakers. Students will be exposed to themes including: social and political movements, American foreign policy, and conflict. Learning goals include critical thinking skills, written expression, public speaking skills, and a thorough understanding of the story of America.


     Basic Units: Semester One: Troublesome Issues of the 19C; Progressive Era Solves Problems; Age of Imperialism; the Twenties & Modern Culture; Great Depression. Semester Two: World War II; the Fifties; Civil Rights; Vietnam; Age of Reaction.



    Course Requirements: Your grade reflects:

    1.       Participation - Your voice must be heard, and your support is needed in all  activities, such as mock trials, debates, interviews, and discussion.

    2.      Reading and Research – History is naturally a research-based study. The Americans textbook, the book Hiroshima, and news articles will be assigned. In addition, to learn the story of America, you will talk to other Americans to collect their experiences.

    3.      Writing – A wide variety of opportunities to write will come your way. All assignments must be typed.

    4.      Reading Quizzes – Utilize our study guides, textbook, and supporting materials to ace the monthly quizzes.


    Classroom Culture

    1.       Please treat one another with kindness and respect.

    2.      Do leave food and drinks outside the room.

    3.      Be prepared for each day’s work, and please be on time.



    1.       I update the grade book every week.

    2.       I accept late work only once per semester. This late assignment must arrive within a week, accompanied by a note from home. Absentees, your work must also be completed within a week of your return.


    Academic Center  - students can get help from other students in G202, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 3:30-5:00.



    Teacher Website –  is available through the school website. The My Family project is defined there. Also, assorted power point lectures can be found there to assist absentees.