Ms. Sandi Gray





    Psychology is defined as the systematic, scientific study of behaviors and mental processes. Our overview course will survey the basics of this fascinating Social Science!


    Course Description: If you find yourself pondering why you and those around you behave in the manner that they do, this is the course for you. Psychology is the study of human behavior and mental processes.  Learning goals include written expression, the scientific method and analysis, public speaking, critical thinking, a deeper understanding of self, and a familiarity with the concepts and methods of general psychology.


    Units of Study: This class will examine different theories in an attempt to explain why we act the way that we do through exploring senses and perceptions, sleep and dreams, intelligence and conditioning, levels of consciousness, learning and memory, the brain, personality theories, motivation, mental illnesses and treatments.


    Course Requirements: Your grade reflects:

    1.       Participation - Your voice must be heard, and your support is needed in all  activities, such as discussion, group work, self-assessment, and stories.

    2.      Reading and Research – We have a fabulous textbook, Introduction to Psychology, as well as numerous news stories to read. In addition, you will choose a non-fiction book to read for our first project.

    3.      Writing – A wide variety of opportunities to write will come your way. All assignments must be typed.

    4.      Tests –  We will have approximately one test every two weeks. (See the Reading & Assignment Schedule).



    Classroom Culture

    1.       Please treat one another with maturity and kindness. Course topics can be difficult for some classmates.

    2.      Do leave food and drinks outside the room.

    3.      Be prepared for each day’s work and please be on time.



    Grading -

     I update the grade book every week.  I accept late work only once. This late assignment must arrive within the week, accompanied by a note from home.


    Academic Center – Students can get help from other students in G202, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 3:30-5:00


    Teacher Website – available through the school website. All reading assignments and projects can be found on my website. Also, our six lectures are there to assist absentees.