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    Bonnie (Bailey) Sauer
    Bonnie (Bailey) Sauer   Denver, CO  


    Roy Merlin Barr
    Roy Merlin Barr  Molalla, OR  BarrCode@Molalla.net

    Retired Mailman

    Jack Bristol
    Jack Bristol  Oregon City, OR   flintzoo@gmail.com

    Home Builder/Developer

    I've been building homes as Bristol Homes since 1967.  I've continued my love of cars throughout the years and enjoy going to Cruise-In's and seeing old friends.  My wife and I have been married 44 years, we have 2 girls and 5 wonderful grandkids.  I told my kids, I still feel young, I hope that continues a long while.

    Don DeBok
    Don DeBok  Huntington Beach, CA  DDeBok@aol.com

    U.S. Coast Guard (retired), Financial Planner

    I retired from the Coast Guard in 1996 after 27 years.  After two years of deciding what I wanted to do after moving all over the country, Judy (Hattan, 1965) and I decided to stay in Southern CA.  I started taking classes in financial planning.  I finished a certificate program at U of Cal (Irvine) and now work part-time for a small planning company in Newport Beach.  Life is good.

    Sharon (Dietel) Perry
    Sharon (Dietel) Perry  Ocean Park, Washington   Perryrl@yahoo.com


    Ron and I have been married for 34 years and have three grown children and 3 grandchildren.  I work for Sentry Market and hope to retire in about 3 years.  We would like to travel all over the United States and see the sights.

    If you are ever in Ocean Park stop by and say hi.

    Dolores (Epperly) Bonn
    Dolores (Epperly) Bonn  Cannon Beach, Oregon  dickdol@hotmail.com

    Front Desk Reservation Agent

    It's so wonderful to see you all, your pictures, and updates.  How can it possibly be that we're all retiring, didn't we just graduate yesterday?  Would we know one another if we met on the street?  Anyway... about me... I went to a Seattle college and met a hubby there, we settled into Washington State, raised 2 boys and a girl, emptied the nest, and headed home (at my urging) to Oregon.  Cannon Beach was always my favorite place, and decided to spend the last of life here.  We have 4 grandkiddos and love every minute of it.  The hubby works part time in maintenance after retiring from 2 other professions, and we're working towards being snowbirds in the dessert of CA or AZ when we get older, and grayer and richer.

    Favorite memory: Watching the World Series in class, crisp autumn nights at the football games, the incredible lion art in the gym, Carousel.

    Thanks to the faithful mailings of one class member, it's so good to be here.  Thank you!!!  God is so good!!!

    Al Evans
    Allan Evans  Salem, OR  evans97305@gmail.com


    After high school I entered the service including three tours of Vietnam. As a result I am a disabled veteran. After leaving the service I went to Portland State, graduating with a degree in accounting. Most of my career I have been a CFO for companies in Oregon, Washington and Alaska. I have been a life long learner with certifications as a CPA, CMA, and CGMA. At age 71 I completed my master's degree. I continue to work as a consultant, mainly in the area of accounting system design and strategic planning.I am married and have four children of which three work in education in the Salem Keiser school district.

    Donald Forness
    Don Forness  Wilsonville, OR  doncon@onlinenw.com


    Worked at Hershberger Motors in Woodburn.  Some of you may already know, but for those of you who don't, my wife of 34 years and classmate Carol Ann (Dedrick) passed on March 9, 2001.  It was very unexpected and very sudden.  My son and daughter-in-law live close by and I spend as much time as I can with my three granddaughters.  Ages 9-5-2.  It will be especially interesting to watch the middle one grow up as I have a picture of her when she was one year old and I also have a picture of Carol when she was one year old and except for one being in color, you can't tell the difference, right down to the pose which was not staged.  Aside from working(?), playing golf and taking care of my new companions (two Springer spaniels) life is ok.

    Barbara (Gross) Riggs
    Barbara (Gross) Riggs  Battle Ground, WA  wlww_lady@q.com

    Retired from Century Tel in Vancouver, WA

    After living away from the area for 27 years, my husband and I moved back to the Pacific Northwest.  We love being back home!! 

    Favorite memory: Good friends - non-complicated life.

    David Immer
    David Immer   Fairfield, CT   immer@digifon.com


    Composer / Arranger / Engineer

    1964-1975 Touring musician. 1976-1993 Composer/Arranger/Engineer NYC. 1994-present Fairfield, CT

    Favorite memory:  Band (percussion section), the talent shows and plays, the football games - especially the 1961 (or was it 62?) Oregon City game when Gary Lee made a spectacular interception and pulled off the winning touchdown.

    Stephen A. Jones
    Stephen A. Jones    Ozamis, Philippines   stevefromtijuana@yahoo.com


    Had many professions but like retired better. lol

    I managed to see all the states except one--Hawaii.  So I decided to travel and use my passport of 30 years to actually go somewhere.

    Favorite memory:  The many friends I made.  As we age our numbers decrease.  The 2014 reunion may have to be held in heaven for those who make it. I will meet the rest of you in the warmer place. lol

    Ron Keller
    Ron Keller  Oregon City, OR  rjkeller55@yahoo.com

    Tri Met bus driver/MAX operator

    Enjoying retirement. Delivering buses part time

    In '01 I retired from TRIMET (19 years bus driver, 5 years light rail train operator).  Now I drive part time for a bus dealer, cross country (factory to dealer) and across the NW (dealer to customer).  My motto now is, "Happiness is an empty bus."  I've been married to Jane since '67, we have 2 kids, Curtis, an engineer at Xerox.  DeAnn is a missionary in Sweden.  We have 3 grandkids.
    Judi (Lampkins) Martin
    Judi (Lampkins) Martin   Sun City West AZ  judi-glen@hotmail.com


    Been married for 35 years.  We moved to AZ in 2002, after retired from AT&T, went back to school after 37 years to learn a new profession.  Love AZ and this piece of heaven.  Living on a golf course and with sunshine all the time.

    Favorite memory: Good friends and no worries.

    Kay (Martwick) Billings
    Kay (Martwick) Billings  Hillsboro, OR   kbinoregon@verizon.net

    Legal assistant retired

    Sandra (Nielsen) Russel


     Sandra (Nielsen) Russell  Scappoose, OR sassygirl2611@yahoo.com



    I'm enjoying a quiet and happy retirement with my new husband in the small town of Scappoose, Oregon. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with old friends.

    Favorite memory:  Going to the football games and being proud of going to state in 1964.  Also, remembering Russ Borland putting me and Arleen up on the lockers, then running away.

    Mary (Peck) Garoutte
    Mary (Peck) Garoutte  Canby, OR  maryg@canby.com

    Business owner/Semi-retired

    Comment: Still married to my terrific husband Bill! Over 24 year. Have 2 wonderful kids, Debbie and Randy, and 5 grandchildren. We love to travel to our float house in BC during the summer. Lots of fishing, crabbing, and prawning. When we're home I keep busy quilting and going to all the grandkid's activities I can fit in.

    Favorite memory: Good friends, school play, slumber parties.

    Merlene (Porter) Goergens
    Merlene (Porter) Goergens Canby, Oregon   Me45g@aol.com

    Office Manager

    I lost my husband, Larry Goergens, 8 years ago.  I have one grown daughter and two grandchildren in high school.  I work for North Willamette Radiology in Oregon City and have been there for five years.  I will be retiring in three years and hope to travel, hunt, and fish.

    Diane Powell
    Diane Powell  Oregon City, OR  dlwblw@aol.com


     Daye-Llyn Randle
    Daye-Llyn Randle  Polson, Montana  

    Independent Insurance Agent/Long Haul Driver

    What turned out to be a lifelong love of engines began with my first car, a '60 Pontiac, and has never ended--I keep trying to grow up but every time I get there it falls apart so now I'm looking forward to retirement again (3rd time)--survived a heart attack in '04 and Viet Nam '67 and a whole lot of similar nonsense over the years

    Favorite memory: English/Mr. Pond - Music/Ms. Brunner - Speech and Drama/Mr. Dixon - putting footprints on ceiling of the restroom - discussing same with Mr. Zacur - trying really really hard to figure out girls and not - kicking around with Roy Barr/Steve Dunlop/Mike McGee.

    Anything else to share:  Yeah - thank you - very much - it was a great start to what continues to be an interesting life.
     Ed Ray
    Ed Ray  Arvada,CO  eray@4edisp.net

    Retired - Law Enforcement

    Terry Rohe
    Terry Rohe  Portland, OR  copperrohe@earthlink.net

    Academic Librarian

    I retired in 2001 from Portland State University. After a few years I went back as Interim Library Director for 9 months and then retired again. Now I am happily pursuing other interests with my husband, a retired English Professor. We are especially enjoying our first grandchild.

    Favorite high school memories include some stimulating classes, such as AP English, and the good times I had with friends. Hope to see a lot of you at our next reunion.


     Sandee Swan  bighair1947@hotmail.com

    Work with Seniors

    Still live in the area.  Have 3 grown sons and 9 grandkids with one more due in November.

    Favorite memory:  The West Linn/Oregon City games.  Not so much after I married an Oregon City guy.

    Kay Talley
    Kay Talley   Terrebonne, OR   kw.or.tex@bendbroadband.com


    Retired elementary school office manager

    Home web page address:  Facebook - Kay Walters

    I have a 1 year old great-grandson (Ronnie).  I have 5 grandchildren (had 6 but we lost a 21 year old granddaughter in February 2012).  I love to take long walks, climb at Smith Rock State Park, volunteer for the Deschutes County Sheriff's Dept., raise mini schnauzer dogs, and travel to other countries.

    Favorite memory:  Being a part of a singing group, football games, and friends.

    I have been married to the same wonderful guy since November 1964.  I have two sons that live and work close to Terrebonne.  I love rescuing animals.

     JoAnn (Weber) Miller
     JoAnn (Weber) Miller  Oregon City, OR  JoAnn24@msn.com

    Retired Elementary Teacher

    I retired from teaching Elementary School in the Beaverton School district in July, 2001.  I still work part-time for Beaverton, testing students for the Talented and Gifted Program.  I also supervise student teachers for George Fox University.  I love being retired!

    Favorite memory: I enjoyed everything about West Linn High School.  I have fond memories of being a student body officer for two years.  I loved going to the games and spending time with wonderful friends I made throughout the four years.

    Phyllis (Wesley) Olson
    Phyllis (Wesley) Olson  Portland, OR  polson@hevanet.com

    Real Estate Broker

    Wanda (Wilson) Quist


    Wanda (Wilson) Quist  Loveland, CO   rwquist@aol.com


    Weight Watchers receptionist (part time)

    I went to and graduated from Brigham Young University where I met my husband Robert.  We lived in Utah a little longer while I taught school.  We lived in Calgary, Alberta for seven years, then moved to Colorado in 1978.  We have eight children and 25 grandchildren.  One more due next month!  We are very active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I've been playing the organ for 20 years now.  I quilt, write, read.  I have a story published in Chicken Soup for the Soul--Empty Nesters.  Life is good.

    Favorite memories:  Art and Home Ec. classes, games, plays, and May Day festivities.