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    Marjorie (Asche) Guy


    Marjorie (Asche) Guy  West Linn, OR  wedguys@msn.com



    Currently I'm retired but am still looking for work in the accounting area. My husband was "retired" from Intel but has done contractual work for the over the last year.  We are seriously considering full-time retirement.

    Favorite memory:  Being Modern Music Masters President showed me I could be successful in being a little more outgoing and that was really the start of becoming a different person.  I loved high school and all the activities.

    Looking forward to my EOR (end of retirement).


    69BuseJoan    MJoan (Buse) Rondeau   Mukilteo, Wa  jrondeau1951@gmail.com
    Married to Dan Rondeau since 1975, and moved to Washington in 1989.  Planning on retiring, moving back to Oregon in 2016, and having Oregon City as our home base but traveling in an RV.  Never had kids, but have lots of family that I love dearly and visit regularly, and two spoiled Himalayan cats.
    I was pretty shy in high school until my Junior and Senior years when I joined Pep Club.  That was a great experience.  I am not shy anymore, as I will talk to nearly anyone that will listen.  Dan and I are looking forward to retirement.  I love my job and my 'work family' but I miss being around my family, especially since the passing of Mom in 2011 and brother Jim in 2015.
     Michael A. Carpenter
    Michael A. Carpenter  Wilsonville, OR  SILVERCARP@aol.com
    Firefighter (retired)
    My wife, Darlene (Brown - Class 1972) and I raised five children - Nicole, Brandy, Chris, Cary and Casey.  They ranged from 22-32 in this year 2002.  We have seven grandchildren.  I'm retired at age 51 after a career in firefighting with Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue.  I'm an avid hunter and fisherman.  We live in Wilsonville and also have property and a home on Black Mountain, about 20 minuets out of Heppner, OR.  It makes it enjoyable for hunting, snowmobiling and just getting away from the city.  Other firemen have property there as well so there is still the camaraderie of the firehouse.  Our youngest son, Casey, has followed in my footsteps and is a paramedic/ firefighter for Las Vegas, Nevada.  My wife is still working so won't be setting off on long-term travel for another five years.  We enjoy trips to Hawaii and Mexico for now.  Still in touch with classmates, Bob Romine and Mike Cottrell.  Always look forward to reunions to renew friendships and see how "Very" Much we have all changed from the photo that appears next to these biographies.
    Favorite memory:  Loved playing handball all through Coach Bishop and Schwabauer's P.E. class and the great snowball fights in the front of the school whenever there was snow.
    Does anyone remember making stink bombs in Larry Prefontaine's Chemistry Class?
    Debbie Dunmire
    Debbie Dunmire   West Linn, OR   debbiet@windermere.com

    Designated Broker for local real estate office (Windermere)

    Personal web site:  Windermere.com

    I have a grandson was born July of 2000.  They are such great fun!!!


    Karyn (Ek) Schultz
    Karyn (Ek) Schultz   West Linn, OR  jortaypay@comcast.net 
    James Houser
    James Houser  Gresham, OR  james.houser@comcast.net

    Retired / volunteer

    Home web page address:  www.gowaterfront.org

    Married now with my bride Diane for 23 years - She is an ESL Teacher for PPS.  I volunteer at Waterfront Foursquare Church as the head of the Graphics Department.  I work on all the print media and the presentation needs for the church.

    Favorite memory:  Skipping school and heading to Mount Hood (LOL)

    I am a Viet Nam Vet - Class of 1969-1970 and this part of my history is still alive to me now as it happened then . . . wow, what a life changer.  More later.

     Joe Leatherberry
    Joe Leatherberry  West Linn, OR  joel.leatherberry09@smius.com
    Business Owner
    Ken Marsh
     Ken Marsh  Brook, Indiana  kenskomments@yahoo.com
    I thrive on being the father of Paul and Rebekah. The Ministry has been such a rewarding adventure. So many different experiences and opportunities. I also love to lead short term mission trips. Will be heading back to Haiti soon.
    Favorite memory: The pride of being a West Linn Lion.
    Would be glad to hear from someone.
    Valerie (McIntyre) Sherwood
    Valerie (McIntyre) Sherwood   Tigard, OR   mcintyre_sherwood@yahoo.com


    University Professor; Health Coach for Take Shape for Life (Medifast)

    Home web page address:  www.BrightwaterHealth.tsfl.com

    Just moved back to Oregon following a 25-year academic career in Texas--dean, university president; University of Oxford/Quality Assurance Officer for the Evaluation of National Occupational Standards for the UK; International Re-engineering Consultant

    Favorite memory:  Good friends with strong family values.

    I sure miss everyone!  If you need extra income and want to work on your own from home or wherever, call me to become a Health Coach: 503-568-8223.  Or-- If you want free help with weight loss, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc., then please call me!  Dr. Val

    Barbara (Maxam) Percival
    Barbara (Maxam) Percival  Lavallette, New Jersey  barbara.percival@gmail.com

    Administrative assistant

    Living in "down the shore" in New Jersey

    Favorite memory: Too many!  My fondest memories of high school are the friends I made there.

    Cheryl (Savage) Larson
    Cheryl (Savage) Larson  West Linn, OR  cherylndon31@aol.com

    Retired - Legal Secretary/Paralegal (38 years)

    Since retirement in 2010, I have been busy at home working in our small nursery and trying to maintain our 20 acre farm.  I continue to work with our Class Reunion Committee in planning reunions every 5 years!

    Favorite memory:  Band and Pep Club kept me pretty busy along with all the leadership activities.  My greatest reward was receiving the "Citizenship Award" at graduation.

    Hope to see you at our 45th Reunion in 2014.  We are always looking for helpers so please e-mail me if you are interested.

    Wm. Todd Sloan
    Wm. Todd Sloan   Portland, OR  tonto356@yahoo.com



    John Steele
    John Steele   West Linn, OR  Prangster@aol.com

    Business Software Engineer

    If you remember or were in the 1971 production of Camelot, please contact me.  Thanks, John.

    Hollis (Thomas) Taylor
      Hollis (Thomas) Taylor    Springwood, New South Wales, Australia                                                           hollist@aol.com



    I'm getting my PhD in the song of the pied butcherbird.

    Favorite memory: Lana and I keep our secrets!


    Lana (Vandeberghe) Cupper
    Lana (Vandreberghe) Cupper  Milwaukie, OR  lcupper@home.com
    Debra Wolfe
    Debra Wolfe  Vancouver, WA  debbiedub@yahoo.com

    Accounting supervisor

    (2003) Currently attending WSU-Vancouver campus for Bachelors Degree in Business Admin. - Accounting.

    After graduating, stayed in Oregon for a couple years and moved to Los Angeles for about 10 years. Came back and live in Vancouver.  I have four children - two boys and two girls. My face has only changed a little with age and weight :~) but you could still recognize me.

    Favorite memory:  First day of school, friends, friends, and friends from Gladstone that were taken away, football games, May Day, stacking lockers and playing jokes, and those HUGE apples in the apple machine!

    My brother, Dave Clemens, was a senior (1966) when I was a freshman.  He served in Vietnam, married and had a daughter.  Dave passed away a few years ago from brain cancer that was caused by Agent Orange.

    My ex-brother-in-law and fellow classmate, Archie Cunningham, Jr., also passed away a few years ago.  They are both deeply missed.


    Melissa Wright  
    Melissa Wright  West Linn, OR  realtorbroker@comcast.net
    Broker, Realtor, entrepreneur
    Happily married after many life changing years, valuable lessons, business adventures and insightful relations.  Presently appreciating my life, the entrepreneurial state of flux, wonderful children, grandchildren and friends.