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    Vicki Asche
     Vicki Asche    Oregon City, OR ocpoyser@hotmail.com
     Educational Assistant

     I work for Oregon City School District in the Special Education Department.  Been married to Brad for over 32 years.  One son.

    Debbi (Block) Anderson
    Debbi (Block) Anderson    West Linn, OR   debbisusan1955@yahoo.com


    Beverly (Boettcher) Robinson
     Beverly (Boettcher) Robinson  Wilsonville, OR                   robinson6867@comcast.net




    Favorite memory:  Graduation

    Terri (Brannen) Crandell
    Terri (Brannen) Crandell  Oregon City, OR  terricrandell@aol.com

    Information Specialist

     Mary (Bryne) Stainsby
    Mary (Byrne) Stainsby  St. Helens, OR   mjssail@msn.com
    Mike Stainsby (also class of '73) and I have been married 29 years (since April, 1979).  We have two sons.  Dave, 32, married with two daughters, and Tom, 26, engaged and currently serving with his fiancé in the Navy (both career sailors).  I'm currently finishing my master's degree in forensic accounting and should be taking the licensing exam to be a Certified Fraud Investigator before the end of 2008.

    Terry Crandell
    Terry Crandell  Oregon City, OR  tercran@hotmail.com
    Retired Boeing manager 



           John Crucchiola  Aurora City, OR  


    Field Superintendent - Hoffman Structures

    Married, two daughters (one is 14 - a softball phenom, the other is in her second year at U of O - majoring in journalism)

     Libby Dimick
    Libby Dimick  Fort Meyers, FL  Dimilib@yahoo.com
    Professional student
    Am undergoing a change of life career change.  Will be a Registered Nurse in May, 2010.  Still trying to find what I want to be if I grow up.
    Get onto Facebook.  Us WL peeps are having a lot of fun there.
     Susan (Lewis) Elliott
    Susan (Lewis) Elliott  West Linn, OR   selliott331@yahoo.com
    Business Analyst
     Steve Larimore
    Steve Larimore  Colton, OR stevelawnmower@yahoo.com
    Furniture Restoration
     John Maurice
    John Henry Maurice  Salem, OR Jmaurice@myrealbox.com
    Information Services
    Home web page address:  www.onyourleft.net
     Cathy (Meyers) Taylor
    Cathy (Meyers) Taylor  Portland, OR nanasulley@msn.com
    Bus Operator for Tri-Met
    I have been married for the past 29 years to Ron and we have 2 daughters, Shannon 32, her son Benjamin 4, and Becky 28, her daughter Makayla 9, and son Kyle 6, and step-daughter Merecedes 16.  We are very active with our kids, we all love to ride our ATV's at Sandlake.  We love to camp out and travel all over the western part of the US in our RV.
    Favorite memory:  Cruising Broadway, having fun with my friends, Arlene Bruck, Mike Stone, Jay Cushman and Dave Chimetti.  Especially cruising around in Mike's VW Bug (Abraham).  Meeting Dawn Neves and staying in touch with her these past 35 years, she is an awesome lady.  She is truly my best friend for life.  Can count on her for anything.
    Would be great to hear from those who wish to be contacted, feel free to email me, love to catch-up after all these years. I would love to also her from those you who attended Wilsonville Grade School as well.
     Sharon Myers
    Sharon Myers  Aurora, OR  shalala1955@yahoo.com
    After high school, I traveled the USA a bit, went to college and studied Art Education.  Made and learned from mistakes, I turned out older and wiser.  I raised and am raising one daughter, Valerie, and 3 dogs, 2 schipperkes.  I am married 25 years, am a grandmother of 2 granddaughters, Rowan and Juniper, and live a very quiet life on a ranch by the Willamette River.  My parents still live across the street from the high school, my brother Steve lives in Newport, my brother Dan was killed in an auto accident in 1984.
    I keep in touch with Pamela Wright (Bolton School) and also Randy Rollins.
     Scott Myre
    Scott Myre    Scottsdale, AZ     scottmyre@cox.net


                Ken O'Hollaren  Longview, WA  kohollaren@comcast.net
               Barbara (Smith) Brady  West Linn, OR  tuckeredmom@aol.com
    Mike Stainsby
    Mike Stainsby  St. Helens, OR    mjssail@msn.com

    Purchasing and Warehouse Manager, Technical Marine Services


    Cindy (Stroy) Elliott  Olympia, WA  cindy.m.elliott@gmail.com 

    Business Analyst

    So many things have happened since high school. I was married for 27 years. Remember me, I was the one who got married in my senior year. So not too shabby for lasting that long, eh? I've found a wonderful man, David. We've been together for about five years now. We live in Olympia, WA, have two dogs and four cats and tons of wildlife running around outside. I have a daughter, Season, she's 30 now.  She's just finishing up her studies in Child Psychology.  I'm so proud of her, she's my pride and joy.

    I've been with Intel Corporation for 28 years now.  It's been an awesome company to work for.  And since I didn't do the college right out of high school, I'm doing it now as an adult.  I've been going to school for the last 3 years.  Slowly chugging away at it.

    Favorite memory: Oh boy, there were so many. I guess one of the funniest things was walking up those darn stairs with the boys all sitting at the bottom. The hardest part was pretending like we didn't know :). I loved almost everything about high school. The classes, the games, the dances, most of the teachers, but most of all my friends. You all hold a special place in my heart, yeah you know who you are.

    I must add I absolutely HATE that they have torn down the old building. It's a shame that wonderful old entry couldn't be saved and used for something. Why does progress have to be so destructive? We need to hold on to our history. It's a shame. Whomever made that decision should be hanging their heads.

    Sheron (Walker) Warren
    Sheron (Walker) Warren  Abilene, TX    sheronwarren@fgomabilene.com
    Pastor; part-time nail technician
    Co-Pastoring with my husband, Alvin.  Two boys, ages 21 and 23; two fabulous grandchildren, ages two and one.
    Favorite memory: Friends, May Day and Mrs. Gano.
                      Michael J. Warner  West Linn, OR  mjwpar72@hotmail.com