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    Shannon (Anderson) Schlabach


               Shannon (Anderson) Schlabach  Oregon City, OR                                                        sjschlabach@comcast.net


    Pharmacy technician

    Life brings many changes . . . I married Dave Schlabach in 1984.  Two sons Nick born in 1985 and Adam 1987.  Fast forward to 1995 and daughter Kylie came along.  1998 brought another daughter Kristen.  Fast forward again to 2006.  My brother-in-law Steve died from pneumonia.  Dave died in an auto accident and then my dad passed away from cancer.  Found a new career and 44 and still have kids at home.  One day at a time . . .

    Favorite memory:  Definitely the Debs and the sleepovers at the high school.  Did we ever sleep?  And who could forget Carol as the mighty Lion mascot?

    Teresa (Barnes) Harreschou
                 Teresa (Barnes) Harreschou  Sacramento, CA                                      harreschou@go.com

    Customer Service @ Southwest Airlines

    With my husband and two sons, I lived in the Milwaukie/Gladstone area for fourteen years until moving to Sacramento just over a year ago.  My boys are five and twelve, Max and Kory.  One takes after me and the other is just like his father, it doesn't take long to figures out which is which.

    Favorite memory:  There are so many, there is not enough room!

    Judy (Bergfalk) Sturman


                          Judy (Bergfalk) Sturman  Olathe, KS                                          sewbiz.jes@gmail.com


    Interior design

    I did not actually graduate with our class; I moved to Kansas the August before our senior year and graduated from Paola High School.  I am married and have three children all in their 20s and out on their own.  I have been a small business owner for over 20 years, of a drapery workroom.

    Favorite memories:  Sleep-overs in the school, choir trip, musicals

    John Buse
            John Buse  Los Angeles, CA                                                 John2649a@aol.com

    Cable Television

    I left Oregon in April of 1982 and have been living in the Southern California area since then.  I work in the telecommunications industry (Cable TV) and have since 1982.  I never married and currently I live in the area of Los Angeles called Silverlake, which is a little East of Hollywood and North of downtown.  I make it back to Oregon about 3 or 4 times each year, but have not kept in touch with many people from our class.  I hope all is well with my fellow classmates.

    Brian Conkie


           Brian Conkle  Portland, OR                                                brian.conkle@gmail.com


    Computer support manager

    Rhonda Coston
      Rhonda Coston Alaska rhondarcoston@gmail.com

    Alaska Department of Fish and Game Program Technician

    I have been living in a small town in remote Alaska for the last 16 years, enjoying life.

    Favorite memory:  Chemistry club field trip to Seattle, throwing discus in track even though I was so bad there was never a prayer of a win, time with friends.

    I hope to catch up with some of my old friends through this website.  E-mails welcome.



                           David Faircloth  Beaverton, OR  def97006@yahoo.com


    Computer Consultant/Service Management

    Happy.  Married to past WLHS alumni (Denel Duncan) two lovely daughters, Haley, 14 and Faron, 6 yrs. I am in computer consulting and business mgt., one dog and some cats.  Duh!

    Favorite memory:  Having lots of friends, the best Vice Principal, God bless D.R., great teachers, many many good friends made, and memories never forgotten. Thank you all 4 that.

    Clark Furlong
            Clark Furlong  Queen Creek, Arizona        clark@crookedcarrot.com

    Organic Farmer

    I've been married seven years and have three great kids (5, 4, and 2).  Moved to Arizona in '85 and with a few exceptions have been here since.

    Home web page address: www.crookedcarrot.com

    Angee Gilmore Cline


       Angee (Gilmore) Cline  Portland, OR                                                         angeedennis@q.com



    Started working as a teller as I went through college (PSU) and stuck with Banking.  Have completely enjoyed my career.  I'm currently working for Bank of America as a coach and leader.

    Favorite memory:  I fondly recall high school choir and the friendships I made there.

    Happily married for over 20 years. Two great daughters . . . and three grandchildren (all boys), super kids.


    81Hale  Sandy (Sandra) Hale   West Linn, OR                                                                   megriffith@aol.com



    Bachelors of Science in Nursing, Marriage, 6 kids who have all attended--5 have graduated from WLHS / the last will graduate June 2018, 4 grandkids...the rest is a blur!


    Great to see how WLHS was from 1977-81, and how it has changed over the last 14 years while having my own kids there, plus many neices and nephews

    Richard Jay Hansen
      Richard Jay Hansen  Fontana, CA  theplunge@netzero.net


    Married for 14 years to Tammy and I have three wonderful little girls named Nicole, Bethanie and Aimee.

    All of the friendships that were made.

    George Harrison


                               George Harrison  Newberg, OR                          ancient_wonders@hotmail.com


    Bum?  Owner, Ancient Wonders

    Connie (Hinkle) Hedger
           Connie (Hinkle) Hedger  Oregon City, OR  
    Janet (Holland) Brandt
                          Janet (Holland) Brandt  Milwaukie, OR                                       brandt5205@aol.com

    Medical Insurance Billing

    My husband, 2 daughters, one dog, two cats, two birds and fish all live in Milwaukie, OR.

    Playing basketball & graduation.

    Craig Holmes


                          Craig Holmes  West Linn, OR 


    Operations manager

    After HS I went to college, upon graduation I joined the Army as an infantry officer, finished my military career in 2005 as a reservist.  During this time I began working in the waste industry holding various titles.  Married in 1990, have two sons attending West Linn HS.  Currently a widower raising two sons, working for Republic Services.

    Favorite memory:  Those that remember me might think I would say the parties (which were good) but my best memories are of teachers and classmates and the small stuff that was insignificant at the time but makes me laugh today.

    Watching my two HS age boys makes me see what I could have done different.  To all those who I never really got to know, I wish I did.

    Desiree (Holt) Adams
                       Desiree (Holt) Adams  Mercer Island, WA                                         Desieha5@msn.com

    Profession:  Carpe diem

    Love of my life . . . Derrick (24 years). Two awesome boys: Kennan - age 19 and Jarid - age 16

    Julie Jones


         Julie Jones  Walla Walla, WA  julieannejones@me.com


    Motivational Speaker/Business Consultant

    Living in Walla Walla.  I have two boys and travel as a speaker and trainer


    Jeff Kelly
                      Jeff Kelly  Vancouver, WA                                                    jdjrkelly@aol.com

    Commercial / Industrial Construction Management

    Married 19 years to Jill. Three children--Calvin 17, Jenny 14, Courtney 12.

    Wayne Kimball
             Wayne Kimball  Surprise, AZ  wakimball@gmail.com

    Network Engineer

    I have become the true NERD (Network Emergency Repair Dude) that many thought I was to begin with.  I am happily married with triplet boys.  I have lived all over the west coast since graduating from WLHS, to include a 7 year stint in Alaska.

    Favorite memory: The Science field trip with Mr. Kuykendall, when we went to the coast, and the US won the Olympic Gold Medal in hockey.

    Tami Laurs Hull


           Tami (Laurs) Hull  Concrete, WA                                            jellidawg@yahoo.com


    Health care

    Joanne Lorden
                         Joanne Lorden  lorden5@netzero.net

    Nondestructive Inspection Technician

    I spent 4 years in the Air Force, stationed in New Mexico and England.  Have spent the last twelve years with the Oregon Air National Guard.



                                                      Dana Loveland  Walla Walla, WA                                                                 moondagain@yahoo.com



    Karie Lowrie Gilbertsen
                      Karie (Lowrie) Gilbertsen  Stroudsburg, PA                                   kariegilbertsen@yahoo.com
    Music teacher
    Starting Grad school in Fall - going for a Masters in Counseling
    Favorite memory:  Choir tours / Debutantes / football games / fire alarms / May Day
    I won't be able to attend the reunion because I'm playing a wedding in Pennsylvania on the 12th.  I will be in Oregon in July and hope to connect with a few of you.
                                           Larry Medearis  Oregon City, OR                                          bridgeviewbeerandwine@comcast.net
    Owner of Bridgeview Beer and Wine Supply in Oregon City
     Tine Metzinger
              Tina Metzinger  Tualatin, OR  jllloyd@comcast.net
    Married to Steve Lloyd for 15 years and we have two children, Justin (18) and Stephanie (14).
    Soon will be moving to Tennessee.
    I have a lot of high school memories, but I guess I would have to say my favorite was my friends.
     William (Bill) Miles
             William (Bill) Miles  Canby, OR  kneedrgr13@aol.com
    Hod carrier
    After high school went to work as a construction laborer and then into the masonry side of that trade.  Did do some college and LMT training.  Married twice.  Divorced twice, go figure.  Have two great kids a son and daughter that I am very proud of.
    Favorite memory:  Bringing champagne to Mrs. Bursheim on Christmas only to have Mr. Glenn wonder where his bottle was.  Going to Kansas City, Mo. for the FFA National Convention to compete and never joined the club.  Going on an ag class field trip with Mr. Miles to Portland toting our dust masks after smaller eruption of Mt. Helens dusted the city.  DR giving me a bad time (not really) every time I walked back to school after eating lunch at home.  He was a good guy.  So much for closed campus.
    Anything else to share:  The regret of not going to graduation with my fellow classmates. Though I made a good wage that night.  It was also fun to get my diploma the next day with staff wondering what I was doing in the halls.
    Joseph Myhra
          Joseph Myhra  Lake Oswego, OR  joemyhra@gmail.com
    Assistant BOX Office Manager
    Became ill. Now, disabled and working part-time.
    Favorite memory:  Studying and meeting all of you.
    Hope to see you again.
    Kate/Kathy (Myre) Graham
                       Kate / Kathy (Myre) Graham  Seattle, WA 
    Instructor , Cornish College of the Arts / Actress
    Shelley (Netherton) Waggoner
                 Shelley (Netherton) Waggoner  Vancouver, WA                                        swagg77910@msn.com
    Sales manager
    Roberta Neville
                              Roberta Neville  Willamina, OR                              bobbysst1090@embarqmail.com
    Registered nurse manager
    Associates degree in Emergency Medical Services 1991, Associates degree in Nursing 1997, Bachelors degree in Nursing 2005, Masters degree in Nursing 2012.  Married to Jim Van Scoyk for 17 years.  No children.  Have a Golden Retriever, a long haired Chihuahua and a terrier.  Paramedic on an ambulance for 15 years.  Emergency room nurse for 10 years.  Went into nursing management 4 years ago.  I drag race a 1967 Mustang with a 460, 600 HP.  The fastest I have run in a 1/4 mile is 10.11 seconds at 133.73 mph.  I have participated in divisional and national events for NHRA.  My home track is Woodburn Dragstrip.
     William K. Pederson
       William K. Pederson Jr.  Palo Alto, CA  billped@yahoo.com
    R&D Senior Manager
    81Rashall   Pauline (Rashall ) Miller   La Pine Oregon                                                                                        ptmiller62@yahoo.com
     Bookkeeper for Medical Clinic
     Bret Sagin
           Bret Sagin  Los Angeles, California  bsagin@aol.com
    TV Production
     Marlene (Savage) Maxwell
                    Marlene (Savage) Maxwell  Portland, OR                                        cmmax5@yahoo.com
    Billing Supervisor for Fashion Tech Window Coverings
    I married a wonderful man from Milwaukie HS.  We have five beautiful daughters.  And now four wonderful grandchildren.
     Carol (Schendel) Shelby
                    Carol (Schendel) Shelby  Federal Way, WA                                      carols@teamtli.com
     Favorite memory:  The Tiger Row in Gene Davis's Economics class.
    The deck railing collapsing at Lindsay's party and her parents coming home early from their trip!
    The 1979 Losers Party at Jeri Okamoto's house that drew more people than the Queen's Ball!!
    Darby (Sele) Berger
        Darby (Sele) Berger  Vancouver, WA  darbyj5@excite.com
     Beverly Smethers
             Beverly Smethers  Lebanon, OR  bev@smethers.com
    Registered nurse
    I have four amazing daughters--two in college, one in the Navy, and my littlest at ten years old.  I work in Labor & Delivery in Corvallis--and absolutely LOVE my job.  My project now is to sell my very old house--simplifying life so that I can spend more time enjoying it.
    Favorite memory:  Most of my high school memories are of the Debs!  I was able to relive my youth when my second of four daughters was on her high school dance team--taking First in State.  I was every bit as excited as she was.
                    Cynthia (Spinnett) Smith  Portland, OR  cynthia.writer@comcast.net
    Medical Records Technician
    I have been married over 20 years and have two little girls, ages 6 and 9.  I lived on the East Coast for ten years in Scranton PA, to write for magazines, and have been back for five years.  I'm a Portlander at heart, and still ride my bike all over the city.
    Favorite memory:  I enjoyed running long distance and track, and spending time with my then best friend, Susan Schmidt, who inspired me to become a writer.
    Wish I had more fun with you guys.  I don't know what I was afraid of. I spent the summer of 1980 with my sister in North Portland, and when I came back to West Linn, my parents had moved to Hawaii.  So, I actually graduated from Jefferson High School; even though I still consider West Linn my school.
     Sheila (Steinert) Bietschek
                      Sheila (Steinert) Bietschek  West Linn, OR                                       esbechek@comcast.net
    Executive Assistant - Toyota Motor Sales/Portland Region
    Married 23 years to Ed Bietschek, also from West Linn, who graduated from WLHS in 1977.
    Favorite memory: The best part of high school was finally graduating.
    Two children, Jake (18) and Josh (16).  Jake graduated from WLHS this past June 2011 and Josh will be graduating from WLHS in June 2013.  Very proud of the Bietschek heritage with WLHS.
    Julie Urbigkeit
                Julie Urbigkeit  Bellevue, WA pratts@msn.com
     Casey Vieceli
             Casey Vieceli  Bellevue, WA  casey@digitalcandle.com
     President & CEO of DigitalCandle, Inc.
    Personal web site:  www.digitalcandle.com
    Married for the first time a year and a half ago; wife expecting a little girl in late September.  I have a very handsome Australian Shepherd who is smarter than me (which isn't saying much, of course).
    Being a member of the  first football team from West Linn to beat a team from Lakeridge.  Also, doing 55 one-handed push-ups in front of at least 10 people in the men's room during lunch one day.  Times have changed--now I can only do 53, maybe 54 at most...Oh yeah, and the summer when myself, Egghead, Ray and Curtis were arrested before we had a chance to get our stories straight...
    I am fat, bald, slovenly, possessed of poor eyesight and thoughtlessness; I have a weakening wit and flaccid resolve.  I am everything Mr. Woebke promised I would not become and less.  At the reunion you will all be simultaneously depressed and delighted by the rate and extent of my decay, and the fact that you have held up so much better than me...
     Connie Whiteman
              Connie Whiteman  Modesto, CA  riley4coni@aol.com
     Home Care Office Manager
    Since high school I have managed to get married, get divorced, buy a home and be the mom to 2 dogs!  I am very happy living my life in a small town in the Central Valley of California.  This last year has been especially busy realizing life is very short...my father has been diagnosed with a cancer that has no cure.  I have made many changes as the result of his diagnosis and find as much time as I can supporting my parents as they supported me while I grew up.  Now that I am finally grown, it is time I helped them.
    My most favorite times was those with my good friend Darby Sele and Sandy Walton.  I hope to see them again.  Looking back, we were pretty boy crazy and probably not good at much else.  At least we had a lot of fun and probably gave some fellas pretty big heads.
    I think of everyone often and wonder what you all are up to!  I hope everyone is happy and living a healthy life.  I will see you all at the reunion.
    Jennifer (Wolf) Scales
             Jennifer (Wolf) Scales  Duluth, GA  jsscales@cs.com
    Teaching P-K
    Thank You to all who attended THE REUNION!  Did we have a great time?!  YES WE DID!  I'm looking forward to the next endeavor of the class of '81!  For now, I'll give the details of me, I am happily married!  (Who says fairy tales aren't true?)  I have two great boys! and a cat named Max!  I love the South! (I have an accent to prove it!)  I haven't solved the world's problems, but I'm not adding to them!  So things are good!
    A very happy new year to all!!!!!!
     Ron Rainer Zerell
              Ron Rainer Zerell  Berlin, Germany  rzerell@web.de
    Project Manager