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     Don Bietschek
                            Don Bietschek  St. Helens, OR                              donb@aquilaglassschool.com


    Business owner

     Jaylene (Dorris) Sheen
                     Jaylene (Dorris) Sheen  Lakewood, WA                               jaylenesheen@comcast.net
    Stay at home mom & online bookseller
    I have been married since 1990 to a wonderful man, Will Sheen. We have two beautiful children, Rachel (12) and Brandon (9). We have lived in Seattle, WA, Tacoma, WA, Pleasanton, CA and now Lakewood, WA, missing the sunny weather. I have an online book store. Will manages the Magnolia Hi-Fi store in Bellevue. May God bless all of you.
    My favorite high school memory is watching one of the guys getting his head shaved on the last day of school for $200. Does anyone remember who that was?
     Ron Downs
                Ron Downs  Eugene, OR  rdowns@sdao.com
    After high school, I played a year of baseball at Willamette University and then transferred to Oregon State. After that, I went back to Willamette for Law School. Presently, I am married and have been living in Eugene for about 5 years. Great town but rough crowd for a diehard Beaver. I have two wonderful girls, 16 and 7.
    Favorite memory:  1982 Baseball State Championship.  That was a lot of fun.
    Sharol (Dunwoodie) Grunst
                Sharol (Dunwoodie) Grunst  Oregon City, OR                               garygrunst@peoplepc.com
    I was married to a former WL classmate for a few years and had two sons Jared and Jacob who are 12 years old. They keep us very busy. I married Gary Grunst 6 years ago and I couldn't be happier.
    A few of us are planning the big "20!" please gather all addresses and phone numbers you have and email me with them. Thanks!!
     Darla (Fick) Edwards
                       Darla (Fick) Edwards  Suwanee, Georgia                                    vincedarla@hotmail.com
    PT Customer Service Manager/Homemaker
    I have been married for almost 15 years. I have two beautiful children. Blake is 12 and Emily is 9


                             Jill Foehringer  Wilsonville, OR   laurannjf@yahoo.com



    Chana (Fogh) VanOrden
                Chana (Fogh) VanOrden Philomath, OR                          chana.vanorden@gmail.com
    Ginger (Goff) Curry
                         Ginger (Goff) Curry  Seattle, WA                             curryginger@hotmail.com
    Registered Nurse
    I live in Seattle and have been working with Virginia Mason Hospital since 2004.  I will be transferring from med/surg into critical care at the end of June of 2009 and love what I do.
    My three adult children are doing well...they have made me a very proud mother.
    Favorite memory: Each and every one of those spirit days! Go Lions!
    Debra (Green) Robertson
                   Debra (Green) Robertson  Bakersfield, CA                              debngordrobertson@yahoo.com
    Real estate and volunteer work
    We have moved a ton!  Life of a realtor and a husband in sales. OR to AZ to CA back to AZ then to NJ and now back in CA.  (Several homes in each state . . . new investment opportunities!)  We have lived in several houses over the years.  Met my husband at Oregon State and have two wonderful teenagers!  (Is that really possible?)  So far, so great ... actually.  I do a lot of volunteer work now and spend a lot of time driving to school events, practices and games as the school is 35 min. from our house :)  I am the freshman cheerleader coach at the high school . . . keeps me busy!  4:30 am wake up call to get son to the weight room for football conditioning . . . all year around.  I know I will miss it all one day!!  Daughter getting ready to go to college.
    Favorite memory:  Dancing and performing with the Debs and Senior May Court.
    James Ivie
                James Ivie  Bentonville, AR  James.ivie@att.net
    Category Leadership Nestle USA
    Soon after I graduated, I served an 18 month volunteer mission for my church in Chile.  After my mission my parents had moved out of Oregon.  I met my wife of 24 years shortly after I returned to the states.  We have four kids.  I graduated from Weber State University with a BA and a major in technical sales.  I have worked for Nestle USA for 22 years.  Currently I am living in Bentonville, Arkansas.  Send me an e-mail, I'd love to hear from a fellow Lion.
    Favorite memory:  Sitting next to the Lion before school started and seeing everyone.  It was awesome when once I was sitting there as a junior and somebody told me I could not sit there because I wasn't a senior.  Bruce Williams told them to back off and it was okay for me to hang out there.
     Tony Jones
          Tony Jones  Bakersfield, CA                                           tonydebra@bak.rr.com
    Taught High School and Community College History and PE courses for 11 years.  Coached College and High School baseball for 15 years.  Retired from teaching at age 37 due to the youth of today.  Went back to school to earn Accounting degree and now work in Bakersfield as a CPA.  Married to my wife Debra for 10 years this June 25th.  No children but plan to have two here soon.
    Being part of the 1982 Baseball State Championship team. However, my fondest memories were of the school as it was then.  My peers, the staff, the community.  I hope that Lion Pride still means something today.
     Viktor Juris Jurisons
                          Viktor Juris Jurisons  Hillsboro, OR                                                  viktor.j.jurisons@usace.army.mil
    Procurement Technician
    Never married. Living the single life and loving it. I am and uncle to 3 wonderful kids, all 7 years old. Mom still lives in the same house in West Linn and I visit her often since my dad passed away last November. Working for the US Army Corps of Engineers in the Contracting Division here in Downtown Portland. Spent 4 years in the Navy in Southern California and was happy to return to Oregon.
    Senior year had a VW Bug. Drove DT with Ashton, Andrea, and Jenny. We were to meet at a designated time, but the girls were very late. Ashton convinced me to leave, but fortunately for the girls, it was right when they showed up. Musicals, choir trip to Idaho, and Mr. Smith's term for everyone: "you hamburger!"
    Kit Kroker     
                                  Kit Kroker  Federal Way, WA   
    Spares Buyer at The Robbins Co. & Licensed Contractor
    I've been married to my wife Sharon, for 15 years.  We (read my wife) home school our 4 young children, two boys and two girls ages 10, 8, 7 & 5.  Moved to Seattle area in 1990 after I graduated from George Fox College.  International Studies major with a Business Minor.  Busy, busy, busy.  Spares Buyer for The Robbins Co., manufacturer of tunnel boring machinery.  Licensed contractor - mainly handy man type of repairs.
    Trying to make it from my class near the library to the other end of the old building in time for my next class.  The sprint continues.
    Hope all is well with you.
     Robin (Luper) Spear
                            Robin (Luper) Spear  Portland, OR                                              caver@hevanet.com
    Married to Steve in 1985.  We have 4 children, Stephanie 1986, Ben 1990, Sarah 1991, and Lindsay 1996.
    Favorite memory:  Choir and Theater, and that one night after the choir concert.  Those involved know what I'm talking about . . . Now I get to enjoy seeing my girls sing and act all over town.  They are way more talented than I ever was.
     Gregory McClure
                        Gregory McClure Jacksonville Beach, FL                                          gregorymcclure@ymail.com
    Special Education Teacher
    Working a lot spending lots of time on the beach still single and always looking (help)
    Favorite memory:  Beating Oregon City at almost everything.
    DR slips all of my wonderful friends
    Anything else to share:  Remember to always love one another
     Raymond Doug McCombs
                         Raymond Doug McCombs  Colton, OR                                           bigready64@yahoo.com
    Building Inspector
    I moved shortly after high school.  Then fell in love with Harley Davidson Motor Cycles and then just rode around the country.  Ten years or so.  I have met a lot of good people and seen a lot of places, but Oregon is home.  Then went to college , received my degree two years ago.  I have been lucky.  I have done what I wanted when I wanted.
    Being done with it, but I look back and remember only the good stuff.
    Looking forward to the twenty year reunion.
     Barb (McIntyre) Majors
                      Barb (McIntyre) Majors  Milwaukie, OR                                          BarbMajors64@msn.com
    Stay-at-home mom
    I've been married to my husband, Gary, since March 1988. We have 3 sons (Cameron-'93, Taylor-'97, Collin-'98) and I'm blessed to be able to stay at home with them. I volunteer at their school as much as I can. Before kids I worked at an international travel company for six and a half years. I was majoring in elementary education and decided to take a term off...I'm still on that break! I love scrap booking, traveling, and am very interested in adoption and autism issues, both of which are a part of our everyday life here.
    My favorite memories probably revolve around band, art (Mrs. Bursheim and Mrs. Martin), and yearbook. Also the time I spent as a freshman getting to paint murals in the library...that was pretty cool. Now the building's been torn down and that's only a memory! And also having my locker across the hall from the library and NEVER having a class at that end of the school!
    Carole Lee Murr
                              Carole Lee Murr  Fullerton, CA                                                     carolesantamaria@roadrunner.com
    Human Resources / Payroll / Benefits Manager
     Colleen O'Hogan
                          Colleen O'Hogan  Wilsonville, OR                                                                 wildcollie2002@yahoo.com
    Business Administration
    4 years navy.  9 years Law Enforcement.  Miscellaneous years doing miscellaneous things.  From high school until present day I have been trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  I am once again a college student attending the same college as my daughter.
    Favorite memory: Being in The Children's Hour play.  Being on the first girls' soccer team for West Linn.
     Susan (Pearson) van Bebber
                       Susan (Pearson) van Bebber  Carlisle, PA                                                susanmvb@hotmail.com
    Full-time Mom, former computer analyst/programmer for Boeing.
    I'm married to an officer in the Army, so we've moved around a lot.  I enjoy being a stay-at-home mom after trying the career thing in Seattle for a while after graduating from Oregon State.
    Victor Sean Price
                   Victor Sean Price  sillyrabbitgetajob@yahoo.com
     Ashton Root
                               Ashton Root  Tualatin, OR                                                                                AshtonRoot@PixelGigs.com
    President of PixelGigs
    Home web page address:  <>www.PixelGigs.com
    Married Lisa Wideman, divorced, lived in Hollywood and Valencia, CA, mostly, here in Oregon a lot, wrote and directed a kids' film called "Durango Kids" (rent it everywhere!).  Married to Heidi Falls, oh, then divorced again.  Have two kids, as of Feb 2011 they are:  Taylor 23 and Madison 8.  Founder and President of PixelGigs.  (Check it out, lots of video of me if you want to see what I look like and sound like at the ripe old age of 46.)  What the hell?  Didn't it seem like yesterday that the WLHS halls were filled with. . . us?  Wow.  They say time starts going even faster.  Live it up folks - life is good.  I really like everyone in our class, most people thought I was some weird drama guy but most of you seemed to like me okay.  All through high school I was pissed at Hiram Olier who stole Janet Bergfaulk from me in the 7th grade - but other than him, I liked everyone.  LOL . . .and, what's with that LOL crap anyway?  Rarely do we ever really laugh, yet alone out loud when we type that.  My favorite teacher ever was Karen Mitchell.  Hey Karen, all those horrible things Lisa said about me after our divorce (Karen Mithchell and my wife Lisa Wideman grew to be really good friends) are not true.  Lisa is a good mom to our son Taylor and even works with us at PixelGigs.  I have a very cool girlfriend named Dawn Cordiner.  She is great and puts up with all my Shtuff.  Did you see Lady Gaga's fog outfit?  Very cool follow-up to the meat dress. (TV's on, Entertainment Channel.)  All right folks, keep up the good work.  By the way we can be AARP members very soon.  I may be the only one but . . . do your joints hurt?

    Favorite memory:  Drama classes. I think I had a crush on Karen Mitchell (the drama teacher) and I liked doing the plays.

    Yes, I have forgiven Hiram years ago. And, Janet looks great and is married with two kids - Facebook her.
    82Stark     Richard Stark   Cornelius, OR

    Terri Thornton
             Terri Thornton  Tigard, OR                                                                    collins2711@comcast.net
    Household Management Business Owner

    Married 11 years, two boys 7 and 10.

    Favorite Memory:  Cruising 82nd, football games.
    Jon Trueb  
                 Jon Trueb  West Linn, OR  j.trueb@comcast.net
    Truck Driver
    Married with 4 children, living in West Linn.
    Favorite memory: Choir