WLHS Alumni 2004

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     04BaggettMatthew    Matthew Baggett   pawprint    Wilsonville, OR   pawprint   matthew@ams-pdx.com 
    Office manager
    Home web page address:  ams-pdx.com
     04BishopJamie   Jamie (Bishop) Swift    pawprint    Gresham, OR  pawprint  uofobabygirl86@hotmail.com
    2004brittlindsay   pawprint   Lindsey (Britt) Shafar   pawprint   Portland, OR  pawprint  lindseys@rmcomplaw.com
    Favorite memory:  Mock trial, band, tennis team were all awesome.
     04CoronaSara       Sara Corona Goldstein      pawprint   Los Angeles, CA pawprint     saracg9@gmail.com 
    Admissions Officer
    I graduated from Pomona College in 2008 with a double major in English and Spanish Literature
    and am now an Admissions Officer there.  I love living in LA, but I do miss Portland!
    Favorite memory:  West's class, obviously.  Also physics, and of course K-scope
     04DeBerryKatherine     Katherine DeBerry    pawprint      New York, NY      pawprint       deberry.katherine@gmail.com
    Public relations
    I graduated from a small private college in Orange County, CA in 2008 and moved to New York
    shortly after that.  It's been a drastic change but I'm enjoying it.
     dement pawprint        Katie DeMent       pawprint       New York, NY        pawprint          kdement@mmm.edu
    I am currently living in and loving New York City, it is such a big change from WL!  I do still miss home occasionally....
    Favorite memory:  YoungLife, Mr. Hartmann's classes, never being able to find a place to park in
    the senior lot :)
     04DissenBecca      Becca Dissen (Larsen)     pawprint          Eugene, OR        pawprint        Larbsen@gmail.com
     Juvenile detention intake counselor / victim advocate 
     2004frantzerin   pawprint    Erin Frantz Rodgers pawprint    Orange, CA     pawprint      elrodger@uci.edu
    glenn  pawprint     Kendra (Glenn)  Stines   pawprint   Bixby, OK      pawprint     kendra.stines@gmail.com
     pawprint             Heather (Grimek) Rogers  pawprint     Tualatin, OR       pawprint      madeinpunk@gmail.com
    04GrossmanMatt      Matt Grossman   pawprint     Auckland, New Zealand   pawprint    mgro035@ec.auckland.ac.nz
    Well I'm still playing a lot of music, but these days I am more focused on finishing my degree in Ethnomusicology.
    Favorite memory:  I'll never forget playing in the group "Cantus" with Nick Lawson and David Kraxberger. Easily my highlight of high school.
     04HelbergLance     Lance Helberg   pawprint       Corvallis, OR    pawprint      lancehelberg@yahoo.com
    OSU Student
    Studying Construction Engineering Management.  Junior year has come and is going really fast!  Danielle Calvin and I will get married on August 17th, 2007.
    Favorite memory: All memories of "The Linn" are great!
    Anything else to say: Hello everyone.
     04HolewaDan     Dan Holewa   pawprint      Corvallis, OR      pawprint      DanHolewa@yahoo.com
    Student at OSU
    04JacksonLyndzie     Lyndzie Jackson   pawprint   Salem, OR      pawprint      lyndziej@gmail.com
    04KaraAli      Ali Kara    pawprint    Spokane, WA   pawprint      
    Student at Whitworth College
    I am a junior at Whitworth and will be graduating with a Cross-Cultural Studies Major and Spanish and Theology minors.  I hope to do Teach for America after I graduate and then go to grad school for my Masters in Social Work. 
    Favorite memory:  I miss our class council meetings with Sue and the freedom of a stress-free life, but my life now is great too!  I miss everyone and I hope you are all doing well and fulfilling your dreams!
      pawprint     Jamieson Kerns     San Francisco, CA  
    Software Engineer
    I recently graduated from the University of San Diego and have since been working as a Software Engineer for Google at Youtube.  In my spare time, I am a partner in an online business advising firm out of Orange County and do a significant amount of tech consulting. 
    Favorite memory: Stoichiometry
     04KlickLindsay      Lindsay Klick  Indianapolis, IN  lindsay.klick@gmail.com
     Design engineer
    I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2008 with a BS in mechanical engineering, and have been working as a design engineer at a gas turbine engine manufacturer since then.  It's been great, but I love visiting home every chance I can get (Oregon will always be home!).
    Favorite memory:  Playing volleyball, hanging out with friends
     04MatsuokaDawn       Dawn Matsuoka   Eugene OR  
    Currently studying Business at the wonderful U of O.  Proud to be a Duck.
    Favorite memory: Prom party bus and cheerleading daily doubles.
    High school was great but college is even greater!
     04MildnerKevin        Kevin "TDOG" Mildner  Pullman, WA  oakley2005@aol.com 
    I am a student at WSU . . . where I love it!
    Well, I am majoring in business where I hope to have my own someday and make loads and loads of cash!  I'm in a frat (Sigma Nu), where let's just say I am very socially accepted.  "Living the high life."  I met a nice younger female this year and who knows where it's going to go . . . I sure as heck don't, hehe.
    Favorite memory:  I loved hitting on the younger girls! :)  Give me a call if you ever want to catch up. 
     04MuenchauMark     Mark Chance Muenchau   Rio Grande City, TX  mark.muenchau@gmail.com 
    English/ Special Education Teacher
    I graduated from Kenyon College with a degree in Philosophy in the spring of 2008. After graduating I moved to Rio Grande City, TX--two miles from the border of Mexico. I am currently teaching 9th grade English for kids with special needs and reading classes for kids who struggle with comprehension and language acquisition at Rio Grande City High School. 
    It would seem Mr. Lewis was right when he wrote in my college letter of recommendation, "He will make a great teacher someday."  While I know I am not great yet, I am clearly set on a path that lends the opportunity for educator greatness.
    Favorite memory:  Some of my favorite memories come from sharing good times with my friends, conversations with my teachers, and the extracurricular activities in which I partook.  West Linn High School prepared me for a lot of the challenges I faced in college as well as the ones I face as a teacher.
     04MullikinDeanna      Deanna Mullikin  Beavercreek, OR  deanna.mullikin@gmail.com
    Just working and still going to school for a BA in Human Resource Management
    Favorite memory:  Football games, prom

     2004pennellmitchell  Mitchell William Pennell p  West Linn, OR p  mitpen86@gmail.com

    Certified Nursing Assistant/ self defense instructor

    Went to school and became a nursing assistant.  Was a spiritual instructor.  Training in martial arts.  I have been through hell and back, and my old high school friends probably wouldn't recognize me.

    Favorite memory:  Senior year.  The only year I didn't allow harassment to dictate my year.  Prom 2003.  Prom 2004.  Senior year poetry project.

    February 16, 2012

     poeschl  Billy Poeschl p   Corvallis, ORp   zlabp@yahoo.com

    Student / Air Force ROTC

    I am a student at the good ol' Oregon State.  I'm majoring in Industrial Engineering and am in the Air Force ROTC program.  My goal after I graduate is to become the best Air Force pilot in the world.

    Favorite memory: Class.

     2004pulslauren  Lauren Puls p  Portland, OR p  Laurenapuls@hotmail.com


     2004ramsbychris  Chris Ramsby p  Portland, OR  p  cramsby@comcast.net

    vanAlderwerelt  Karsten Van Alderwerelt p  Los Angeles, CAp  kvanalde@lion.lmu.edu


    Currently a marketing/business major at Loyola Marymount University, member of Sigma Chi and still surfing.