Birthday Celebration Information

  •   Decorative graphic of a birthday cake.

    We will be celebrating and honoring each student on his / her special day (or closest school day to the actual birthday.)  In our class, each child will be given a birthday certificate, a birthday pencil and a sticker they can wear that lets everyone know it is their special day.

    If you would like to help your child celebrate his / her special day at school, please consider the following options:

    • A book given to the class by the birthday boy/girl.
    • A pencil or bookmark ( We have 27 students )
    • Join your child for lunch at (11:00) and bring him/her a special treat.

    NOTE:  We will not be sharing edible treats (sweets or otherwise), due to allergies and promoting healthier habits.

    • Please do not send in treat bags for birthdays.
    • Please no balloons (allergies to latex)

    One last thing… Please be considerate of the feelings of all students when sending birthday invitations.  I am happy to give you a class list however we do not hand out any birthday invitations at school unless all the students in class are invited in order to avoid hurt feelings.  Thank you for your understanding.