• Chinese




    Mon-Fri 7:30AM-11:30AM



    Course Description



    Level I


    This class is an introduction to the basic Mandarin language within the context of Chinese culture, with an emphasis on overall communication proficiency, including reading and some writing. Students will practice specific themes/topics balancing listening, speaking and reading skills through authentic situations in the target language. Students will learn “Pin-Yin”(Phonetic symbols), tones and other basic concepts of Chinese characters.


    Level II


    The objective of this class is to foster intermediate level communication with native Chinese speakers and a heightened level of appreciation of Chinese cultures. The students will continue learning specific but amplified themes/topics balancing speaking, listening and reading through contextualized conversation and text.


    Level III/IV


    Students will start fine-tuning their previously acquired intercultural awareness and language skills through more specific themes involving specific vocabulary, literature and grammar. They will demonstrate their proficiency by involving themselves in situations where Chinese is the medium of communication.







    Level I, Level II

    Introduction—tones, phonetic symbols, pronunciation, the origin and configuration of characters

    Things related with numbers—number one to one thousand, dates, time, age, grade, phone number


    Self-Introduction—name, age, birthday, grade, school

    Family—terms of family members, cultural content on Chinese family value

    School—school subjects, daily schedule, about school work (homework, tests)


    Describe a Person—physical traits, personality



    Level III, Level IV

    My House—places in the house

    House Appliances

    Feeling, Emotion

    Hobby, Entertainment—activities, hobby, reasons for enjoying what you do

    Shopping—price, payment,key items you will buy, bargain


    Food II


    Goals and Objectives



    Level I-Novice Low

    Students will be able to communicate information on a limited variety

    of aspects within common/everyday topics. Given adequate time and

    familiar cues, they will be able to exchange greetings, introduce themselves

    andgive information about school subjects. Students will be able to recognize

    a limited number of characters. They will be able to identify a number of

    high-frequency words, phrases and short sentences.


    Level II-Novice High

    Students will be able to manage a number of uncomplicated communicative

    tasks in straightforward social situations. They may respond to simple, direct

    questions or requests for information within familiar topics. Students will be

    able to understand key words and cognates as well as formulaic phrases

    across a range of highly contextualized texts.


    Level III-Intermediate Low

    Students will be able to communicate to native Chinese speakers with

    relatively ease on familiar topics using proper syntax. These topics relate to

    the daily activities, personal preferences, ordering food and asking direction.

    They will be able to understand short, non-complex texts that convey basic information with familiar topics.




    Required supply


    A 3-ring binder-- We have a lot of worksheets and materials on paper.  It is very important to keep the paper hole punched and organized.

    College ruled paper-- There are note-taking in class.

    Index card- Students will need them to make flash card to review vocabulary.

    Pencils and eraser-- Students need to bring pencils to class for note-taking.


    Classroom expectations


    Respect each other

    Bring class materials

    Have homework ready before class

    Participate in-class activities

    No food


    Grading Policy


    Effort:       15%

    Homework:  15%

    Quizzes:     20%

    Unit Test:    15%

    Oral Test:    15%

    Assignments: 10%

    Final:        10%


    Homework: All homework must be completed by the beginning of the due date.

    Make-up Work: When you are absent, it is your responsibility to make-up the work you missed.  It is important to check with the teacher for what you’ve missed.  If it is a pre-arranged absence, you need to talk to me and setup a date for make-up.

    Retakes: If you didn’t do well on a test, you can retake it only once. And you need to schedule with the teacher for the retake date.