• My role as a teacher is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for learning and to help you to grow as a learner.  

    Your role as a student is to take responsibility for your own learning.

    To help us reach these goals, I do not have a lot of classroom "rules", but these things are absolute (not negotiable) for all my classes:

    1. Be Respectful – to both me, your classmates, the learning, and the classroom equipment.
      1. There is zero tolerance for any sort of bullying, discrimination, or destruction of school property
    2. Be Present both physical and mental presence will be essential for your success.
    3. Be Safe – safety is no joke. Fooling around, horseplay, or throwing things will not be tolerated.
    4. Put Cell Phones and Ear-buds Away- you may not use your cell phone during class without permission from the teacher.  Please put it in your backpack or out of sight.
      1. There may be times when you will be allowed to use your phone but NEVER during lectures, activities, or assignments.  The teacher will let you know when/if you may use your phone
    5. Learning Bell to Bell-Every class starts out with an introductory circle during which we will outline the day's lesson.  We will end every class in a circle to review the day's learnings)

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