Image of Circles of Support

Picture of nested circles with the "Child, Classroom Teacher, & Parent" circle at the center, nested within the "Teacher Teams" circle, which is then nested within the "Assessment/Evaluation Teams" circle, which is then nested within the "Specialist Supports/Individual Plans" circle. This picture explains our "Circles of Support" strategy to ensure that each and every child is part of WLWV's learning community.  In all cases, the child and the classroom teacher are at the center. If evidence suggests that current learning, whether academic, behavioral, or social, may need additional support or challenge, additional levels of supports may wrap around the child. Some students may need supports that rise to the level of an individual plan, which may include a TAG (Talented and Gifted) plan, a 504 plan, an ELD (English Language Development) plan, or an IEP (Individualized Educational Program). The child continues to have their learning nested within the general classroom. The individuality of the plan allows for a particular schedule or set services to be created that is responsive to the child. Special education plans, or IEPs, are always developed collaboratively by the student, the special education teacher, the general education teacher, the parent, and other staff. These plans are put in place to ensure that each child continues to make progress in the general education curriculum.