Image of Venn diagram

Picture of a Venn diagram with a primary circle titled "How do we create learning communities for the greatest thinkers and most thoughtful people... for the world?". The primary circle is overlapped by three smaller circles:
1. Improving Instructional Practices
2. Creating More Inclusive Cultures
3. Increasing Student Voice

The three smaller circles are the areas of high-leverage strategies for student success.

In the areas of instructional practices, we focus on assessment for learning, engagement strategies, clear learning targets, and pedagogy that meets needs for constructivist & explicit learning. In the area of creating inclusive cultures, we focus on meeting each child's needs at their home school, strong collaboration between special ed and general ed teachers, and involvement in co-curricular activities. Finally, our focus on increasing student voice includes every student involved in their IEP, developing independent learners, and every student having a way to communicate. As we continue to focus on these areas throughout our structure, we develop coherent systems of support that are nested in the overall goals of the district and work to meet individual student needs.