• I have been teaching physics here at West Linn High School since 1997 and LOVE it!  If you are a parent reading this page, thank you for allowing me to teach your son or daughter.  I believe West Linn High School offers students an exceptional education not only academically, but also in the area of arts and character education.  This job has been made considerably more enjoyable because of the wonderful children you have given us to work with!  Before teaching I was a buyer for 8 years with Hasbro Toys in Pawtucket R.I.   Working closely with engineers, product designers and manufacturers, I realized that science, specifically physics and chemistry, were where my natural gifts lie.  It was also during this time that I learned how much I enjoyed teaching others about "how things work".   I am probably most comfortable around high school aged students which makes this the perfect job!  Physics is everywhere and it is definitely fun!
    S. McDevitt